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4.  Orders made by Henry, Prince of Wales, respecting his Household. 1610. Archaeologia, xiv.

5.  The School of Good Manners.  By William Phiston or Fiston. 8vo, 1609.

6.  The School of Virtue, the Second Part.  By Richard West. 12mo, 1619.

7.  The School of Grace; or, A Book of Nurture.  By John Hart. 12mo.  (About 1680.)

8.  England’s Newest Way in all Sorts of Cookery.  By Henry Howard, Free Cook of London. 8vo, London, 1703.

9.  A Collection of above three hundred Receipts in Cookery, Physick and Surgery, for the use of all Good Wives, Tender Mothers, and Careful Nurses.  By several Hands.  The second edition, to which is added a second part. 8vo, London, 1729.  Fifth edition, 8vo, London, 1734.

10.  The Compleat City and Country Cook.  By Charles Carter. 8vo, London, 1732.

11.  The Compleat Housewife:  or, Accomplish’d Gentlewomans Companion:  Being a collection of upwards of Five Hundred of the most approved Receipts in Cookery, Pastry, Confectionery, Preserving, Pickles, Cakes, Creams, Jellies, Made Wines, Cordials.  With Copper Plates....  And also Bills of Fare for every month in the year....  By E. Smith.  Seventh edition, with very large additions, near fifty Receipts being communicated just before the author’s death. 8vo, London, 1736.  Eleventh edition. 8vo, London, 1742.

12.  The Complete Family Piece:  A very Choice Collection of Receipts in...  Cookery.  Seventh Edition. 8vo, London, 1737.

13.  The Modern Cook.  By Vincent La Chapelle, cook to the Prince of Orange.  Third edition. 8vo, London, 1744.

14.  A Treatise of all Sorts of Foods, both Animal and Vegetable, and also of Drinkables, written originally in French by the Learned M.L.  Lemery.  Translated by D. Hay, M.D. 8vo, London, 1745.

15.  The Housekeeper’s Pocket-Book.  By Sarah Harrison.  Sixth edition, 2 vols. 12mo, London, 1755.

16.  Professed Cookery.  By Ann Cook.  Third edition. 8vo, London (about 1760).

17.  The Experienced English Housekeeper.  By Elizabeth Raffald.  Second edition. 8vo, London, 1771.  There were an eighth, tenth, and eleventh editions, and two others, described as “New Editions,” between this date and 1806.  The compiler dedicates her book to “The honourable Lady Elizabeth Warburton,” in whose service she had been.  She mentions that the volume was published by subscription, and that she had obtained eight hundred names.  In the preface Mrs. Raffald begins by observing:  “When I reflect upon the number of books already in print upon this subject, and with what contempt they are read, I cannot but be apprehensive that this may meet the same fate with some who will censure before they either see it or try its value.”  She concludes by saying that she had not meddled with physical receipts, “leaving them to the physician’s superior judgment, whose proper province they are.”  The author of the “Experienced Housekeeper” tells us that she had not only filled that post in noble families during fifteen years, but had travelled with her employers, and so widened her sphere of observation.

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