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Though such a satirical spirit is justly condemned, a little good-humored raillery may sometimes be allowed as a mode of attacking faults in school which can not be reached by graver methods.  The teacher must not be surprised if some things connected with his own administration come in sometimes for a share.


“I was walking out a few days since, and not being particularly in haste, I concluded to visit a certain school for an hour or two.  In a few minutes after I had seated myself on the sofa, the ‘Study Card’ was dropped, and the general noise and confusion indicated that recess had arrived.  A line of military characters, bearing the title of the ‘Freedom’s Band,’ was soon called out, headed by one of their own number.  The tune chosen to guide them was Kendall’s March.

“‘Please to form a regular line,’ said the lady commander.  ’Remember that there is to be no speaking in the ranks.  Do not begin to step until I strike the bell.  Miss B., I requested you not to step until I gave the signal.’

“Presently the command was given, and the whole line stepped for a few minutes to all intents and purposes.  Again the bell sounded.  ’Some of you have lost the step,’ said the general.  ’Look at me, and begin again.  Left! right! left! right!’ The line was once more in order, and I observed a new army on the opposite side of the room, performing the same manoeuvres, always to the tune of ‘Kendall’s March.’  After a time the recess closed, and order was again restored.  In about half an hour I approached a class which was reciting behind the railing.  ‘Miss A.,’ said a teacher, ‘how many kinds of magnitude are there?’ Miss A. (Answer inaudible.) Several voices. ‘We can’t hear.’ Teacher. ’Will you try to speak a little louder, Miss A.?”

“Some of the class at length seemed to guess the meaning of the young lady, but I was unable to do even that until the answer was repeated by the teacher.  Finding that I should derive little instruction from the recitation, I returned to the sofa.

“In a short time the propositions were read.  ’Proposed, that the committee be impeached for not providing suitable pens.’  ’Lost, a pencil, with a piece of India-rubber attached to it by a blue ribbon,’ &c., &c.

“Recess was again announced, and the lines commenced their evolutions to the tune of ‘Kendall’s March.’  Thought I, ’Oh that there were a new tune under the sun!’

“Before the close of school some compositions were read.  One was entitled ‘The Magic King,’ and commenced, ’As I was sitting alone last evening, I heard a gentle tap on the door, and immediately a beautiful fairy appeared before me.  She placed a ring on my finger, and left me.’  The next began, ’It is my week to write composition, but I do not know what to say.  However, I must write something, so it shall be a dialogue.’  Another was entitled the ‘Magical Shoe,’

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