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“To add one thing more to my relation as is within of what I saw & herd, is that som persons atempted to cutt of a lock of the sd Kates hayer, when shee was in her fitts but could not doe it, for allthough she knew not what was sayd & dune by them, & let them come neuer soe priuately behynd her to doe it yeat shee would at once turne about and preuent it; At last Dauid Waterbery tooks her in his armes to hould her by force; that a lock of hayer might be cutt; but though at other times a weake & light gail yeat shee was then soe stronge & soe extreame heauy that he could not deale with her, not her hayer could not be cutt; & Kate cryeing out biterly, as if shee had bin beaten all ye time.  When sd Kate come to herself, was askt if she was wileing her hayer should be cutt; shee answered yeas—­we might cutt all of it we would.”

Elizabeth Clawson was found not guilty.


A court of Assistants holden at Hartford, May 8th, 1693.

Robert Treat, Esq.  Governor
William Joanes, Esq.  Dept.  Govr. 
Samuel Willis, Esq. \
William Pitkin, Esq. |
Col.  John Allyn |
                        } Assistants
Nath.  Stanly, Esq. |
Caleb Stanly, Esq. |
Moses Mansfield, Esq. /

Gent. of the Jury are: 

Joseph Bull, Nathaneal Loomis, Joseph Wadsworth, Nathanael Bowman,
Jonathan Ashley, Stephen Chester, Daniel Heyden, Samuell Newell, Abraham
Phelps, Joseph North, John Stoughton, Thomas Ward.

And the names of the Grand Jury are: 
Bartholomew Barnard, Joseph Mygatt, William Williams, John Marsh, John
Pantry, Joseph Langton, William Gibbons, Stephen Kelsey, Cornelious
Gillett, Samuel Collins, James Steele, Jonathan Loomis.

* * * * *


“Hugh Crotia, Thou Standest here presented by the Name of Hugh Crotia of Stratford in the Colony of Connecticutt, in New England; for that not haveing the fear of God before thine Eyes, through the Instigation of the Devill, thou hast forsaken thy God, & covenanted with the Devill, and by his help hast in a preternaturall way afflicted the bodys of Sundry of his Majestie’s good subjects, for which according to the Law of God, and the Law of this Colony, thou deservest to dye.”

The arrest—­Satan the accessory—­An alibi—­The confession—­A contract to serve the devil

“Fayrfield this 15 Novembor 1692 acording as is Informed that hugh Crosia is complained of by a gerll at Stratford for aflicting her and hee being met on ye road going westward from fayrfeild hee being met by Joseph Stirg and danill bets of norwak and being brought back by them to athority in fayrfeild and on thare report to sd authority of sum confesion sd Croshaw mad of such things as rendar him undar suspecion of familiarity with satan sd Crosha being asked whethar he sayd he sent ye deuell to hold downe Eben Booths gerll ye gerll above intended hee answared hee did say so but hee was not thar himself hee answereth he lyed when he sayd he sent ye deuell as above.

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