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The revelation in the Bible is the Light of God which streams through it, making it a “lamp unto our feet.”  The inspiration in the Bible is the life of God breathing through it into man, “and he becomes a living soul.”  The book which, above all others, reveals God to man, he must call the supreme revelation of God.  The book which, above all others, inspires the life of God in man, he must call the most inspired of God.

If, then, any one asks me how he may know that there is a revelation in the Bible, I tell him to walk in its light, and see what it reveals.  If any one asks me how I know that the Bible is inspired I answer him in Mr. Moody’s words: 

    “I know that the Bible is inspired, because it ‘inspires me.’”


The wrong use of the Bible.

“God, then, is quite simple and true, both in word and deed; neither is He changed Himself, nor does He deceive others—­neither by visions, nor discourses, nor the pomp of signs. * * * * When any one alleges such things as these about the gods, we must show disapproval, and not grant them the privilege of a chorus; neither should we suffer teachers to employ them in the training of youth—­if, at least, our guardians are to be pious and divine men.”

   Plato:  The Republic; Book II.

“This, it seems, is the modern method of coming to inquire of the oracles of God; by this process they become a light to our feet, a lamp to our path!  Accept the book as a whole, and then treat all the portions of it just as you like.  Confess all its words to be the words of the Lord, and then you may yourself be lords over them, and may perform moral miracles by turning the bread of life into stones for casting at your enemies.”

   Maurice:  What is Revelation, p. 475.


The wrong use of the Bible

   Every Scripture inspired of God is also profitable for teaching, for
   reproof for correction, for instruction in righteousness.—­2 Timothy,
   III, 16.

The Unreal Bible is fading upon the vision of our age.  You have probably all perceived this more or less clearly.  I have uttered the conviction which many of you have held in secret with misgivings and self-reproaches, and have shown you some of the many reasons why, as it seems to me, this view can no longer be held by men of open minds.  The Real Bible is as yet vaguely seen, and, therefore, its power is feebly felt.  According to their natures men are indulging in flippant flings at a vanished superstition, or grieving silently over the disappearance of the ancient light which ruled the night of earth.  I have sought to clear your vision of the new moon rising upon us, the same holy light God set in the heavens of old, though changed in the altered atmosphere of earth.

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