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The peculiar lack of any generosity or delicacy in the current English nationalism appears to have no other possible origin but in this fact of our unique neglect in education of the study of the national literature.  An Englishman could not be silly enough to despise other nations if he once knew how much England had done for them.  Great men of letters cannot avoid being humane and universal.  The absence of the teaching of English literature in our schools is, when we come to think of it, an almost amazing phenomenon.  It is even more amazing when we listen to the arguments urged by headmasters and other educational conservatives against the direct teaching of English.  It is said, for example, that a vast amount of English grammar and literature is picked up in the course of learning Latin and Greek.  This is perfectly true, but the topsy-turviness of the idea never seems to strike them.  It is like saying that a baby picks up the art of walking in the course of learning to hop, or that a Frenchman may successfully be taught German by helping a Prussian to learn Ashanti.  Surely the obvious foundation of all education is the language in which that education is conveyed; if a boy has only time to learn one thing, he had better learn that.

We have deliberately neglected this great heritage of high national sentiment.  We have made our public schools the strongest walls against a whisper of the honour of England.  And we have had our punishment in this strange and perverted fact that, while a unifying vision of patriotism can ennoble bands of brutal savages or dingy burghers, and be the best thing in their lives, we, who are—­the world being judge—­humane, honest, and serious individually, have a patriotism that is the worst thing in ours.  What have we done, and where have we wandered, we that have produced sages who could have spoken with Socrates and poets who could walk with Dante, that we should talk as if we have never done anything more intelligent than found colonies and kick niggers?  We are the children of light, and it is we that sit in darkness.  If we are judged, it will not be for the merely intellectual transgression of failing to appreciate other nations, but for the supreme spiritual transgression of failing to appreciate ourselves.



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