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Frances Little
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Where was my master?

Did not have any.  My husband was in China.

Was I in Japan by his permission?

I was.

Had I been sent home for disobedience?  Please explain.

No explanation.  I was just here.

Did I know the penalty for kidnaping?

No, color-prints interested me more.

Had any of my people ever been in the penitentiary?

No, only the Legislature.

At this both men looked puzzled.  Then the Chief made a discovery.

“Ah-h,” he sighed, “American word for crazysylum!”

Would Madame positively state that she knew nothing of the girl’s whereabouts.  Madame positively and truthfully so stated.  I did not know.  I only knew what I thought; but, Mate, you cannot arrest a man for thinking.  After a grilling of an hour or so they left me, looking worried and perplexed.  They had never heard of Billy, and I saw no use adding to their troubles.  Nobody seems to have noticed him at dinner with me; and now that I think of it, he had men strange to the hotel pulling the jinrickshas.

It was dear of Billy not to implicate me.  I am ignorant of what really happened, but wherever they are I am sure Sada is in the keeping of an honorable man.

Last night, after I closed this letter, I had a cable.  It said: 

  “Married in heaven,

But the cables must have been crossed, for it was dated Shanghai; or else the operator was so excited over repeating such a message he forgot to put in the period.

March 15.

Just received a letter from Billy and Sada.  It is a gladsome tale they tell.  Young Lochinvar, though pale with envy, would how to Billy’s direct method.  I can see you, blessed Mate that you are, smiling delightedly at the grand finale of the true love story I have been writing you these months.  Billy says on the night it all happened he tramped up and down, waiting for me to call him, till he wore “gullies in the measly little old cow-path they call a street.”

The passing moments only made him more furious.  Finally he decided to walk right into the house, unannounced, and find Sada if he had to knock Uncle down and make kindling wood of the bamboo doll-house.  But as he came into the side garden he saw in the second story a picture silhouetted on the white paper doors.  It was Sada and her face was buried in her hands.  That settled Billy.  He would save Uncle all the worry of an argument by simply removing the cause.  There in the dusk, he whistled the old college call, then swung himself up on a fat stone lantern, and in a few minutes he swung down a suitcase and Sada in American clothes.  They caught a train to Kobe, which is only a short distance, and sailed out to the same steamer he had left in Yokohama and which arrived in Kobe that day.

Billy says, for a quick and safe wedding ceremony commend him to an enthusiastic, newly-arrived young missionary; and for rapid handling of red tape connected with a license, pin your faith to a fat and jolly American consul.  So that was what the blessed rascal was doing all that afternoon he left me in Kioto to myself.  Cannot you see success in life branded on William’s freckled brow right now?

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