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EGG SAUCE.—­Heat a pint of milk to boiling, and stir in a dessertspoonful of flour rubbed smooth in a little milk.  Stir constantly until the sauce is well thickened; add the well-beaten yolk of an egg, turning it in very slowly and stirring rapidly so that it shall be well mingled.  Boil up once only, add a very little salt, and serve.  The egg makes an excellent substitute for cream.

PEASE GRAVY.—­A gravy prepared either of dried or green peas as directed for Lentil Gravy on page 226, makes a suitable dressing for baked potatoes.  Lentil gravy is also good for the same purpose.  The addition of a little lemon juice to the lentil gravy makes another variety.

TOMATO GRAVY.—­A gravy made of tomatoes as directed on page 261, is excellent to use on baked or boiled sweet potatoes.

TOMATO CREAM GRAVY.—­Prepare a gravy as for Cream Sauce, using a slightly heaping measure of flour.  When done, add, just before serving, for each quart of the cream sauce, one cup of hot, stewed tomato which has been put through a fine colander to remove all seeds.  Beat it thoroughly into the sauce and serve on boiled or baked potato.



ALMOND SAUCE.—­Heat a pint of rich milk in the inner cup of a double boiler, placed directly upon the stove.  When the milk is boiling, stir into it a heaping tablespoonful of flour which has been rubbed to a cream in a little cold milk.  Boil rapidly until thickened, stirring constantly; then add three tablespoonfuls of almondine; place in the outer boiler, and cook for five or ten minutes longer.

CARAMEL SAUCE.—­Stir a cup of sugar in a saucepan over the fire until melted and lightly browned.  Add one cup of boiling water, and simmer ten minutes.

COCOANUT SAUCE.—­Flavor a pint of new milk with cocoanut, as directed on page 298.  Skim out the cocoanut, and add enough fresh milk to make one pint.  Heat the milk to boiling, add two tablespoonfuls of sugar, thicken with two even spoonfuls of cornstarch, and proceed in the same manner as for Mock Cream.

CREAM SAUCE.—­Beat together two thirds of a cup of sugar, one tablespoonful of thick, sweet cream, and one egg.  Wet half a teaspoonful of cornstarch with a little milk, and stir in with the mixture; then add five tablespoonfuls of boiling milk, stirring rapidly all the time.  Pour into the inner cup of a double boiler; have the water in the outer cup boiling, and cook five minutes.  Flavor to taste.

CRANBERRY PUDDING SAUCE.—­To a quart of boiling water add two cups of sugar, and when well dissolved, one quart of carefully sorted cranberries.  Mash the berries as much as possible with a silver spoon, and boil just seven minutes.  Turn through a colander to remove skins, cool and serve.

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