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      Properties of food
      Food elements
      Uses of food elements
      Proper combinations of food
      Proper proportion of food elements
      Relation of condiments to intemperance
      Variety in food
      Table topics.

    The digestion of foods
      The digestive organs
      The digestion of a mouthful of bread
      Salivary digestion
      Stomach digestion
      Intestinal digestion
      Other uses of the digestive fluids
      Liver digestion
      Time required for digestion
      Dr. Beaumont’s table made from experiments on Alexis St. Martin
      Hygiene of digestion
      Hasty eating
      Drinking freely at meals
      Eating between meals
      Simplicity in diet
      Eating when tired
      Eating too much
      How much food is enough
      Excess of certain food elements
      Deficiency of certain food elements
      Food combinations
      Table topics.

      Evils of bad cookery
      The principles of scientific cookery
      Making fires
      Care of fires
      Methods of cooking
      Broiling or grilling
      The oven thermometer
      The boiling point of water
      How to raise the boiling point of water
      Action of hot and cold water upon foods
      Adding foods to boiling liquids
      Comparative table of weights and measures
      Mixing the material
      Cooking utensils
      Porcelain ware
      Granite ware
      Galvanized iron ware
      Tests for lead
      Adulterated tin
      Table topics.

    The household workshop
      Description of a convenient kitchen
      The kitchen furniture
      A convenient kitchen table
      The kitchen sink
      Stoves and ranges
      Oil and gas stoves
      The “Aladdin Cooker”
      Kitchen utensils
      The tin closet
      The dish closet
      The pantry
      The storeroom
      The refrigerator
      The water supply
      Test for pure water
      Kitchen conveniences
      The steam cooker
      The vegetable press-The lemon drill
      The handy waiter
      The wall cabinet
      The percolater holder
      Kneading table
      Dish-towel rack
      Kitchen brushes
      Vegetable brush
      Table topics.

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