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p. 444, l. 14. 2nd Folio misprints] must. l. 16.  C] tresses. l. 23.  A and B] of the night. l. 24.  C] me light. l. 26.  A and B] bring the Coral. l. 33.  A and B] I venter. l. 36.  A-C] these Thicks.

p. 445, l. 9. 2nd Folio misprints] Cle. l. 10.  A-F add] Finis.  A and B add also] The Pastorall of the faithfull Shepheardesse.

p. 446, l. 6.  A-D] with the. l. 14.  A and C] this vaine. 2nd Folio] vain. l. 26.  A-F] wants. l. 28.  A-C] Some like if.  A-D omit] not. l. 29.  A-D] judgments. l. 32.  A-C] aright to thee.  D] a right to thee.

p. 447, l. 8.  A and B] much will and. l. 10.  A-C omit] now.

pp. 446-7.  The lines by Fr. Beaumont are contained in A-F.

p. 447.  The lines by Ben Jonson are contained in A and C-F.

p. 448.  The Dialogue is contained in D-F.


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