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I, that am glad, thy Innocence was thy Guilt,
And wish that all the_ Muses blood were spilt
In such a
Martyrdome, to vex their eyes,
Do crown thy murdred
Poeme:  which shall rise
A glorified work to Time, when Fire,
Or mothes shall eat, what all these Fools admire.


This Dialogue newly added, was spoken by way of Prologue to both their Majesties, at the first acting of this Pastoral at Somerset-house on Twelfth-night, 1633.


A broiling Lamb on Pans chief Altar lies,
My Wreath, my Censor, Virge, and Incense by: 
But I delayed the pretious Sacrifice,
To shew thee here, a Gentle Deity.


Nor was I to thy sacred Summons slow,
Hither I came as swift as th’ Eagles wing,
Or threatning shaft from vext
Dianaes bow,
To see this Islands God; the worlds best King.


Bless then that Queen, that doth his eyes invite And ears, t’obey her Scepter, half this night.


Let’s sing such welcomes, as shall make Her sway Seem easie to Him, though it last till day.

Welcom as Peace t’unwalled Cities, when
Famine and Sword leave them more graves than men. 
As Spring to Birds, or Noon-dayes Sun to th’ old
Poor mountain Muscovite congeal’d with cold. 
As Shore toth’ Pilot in a safe known Coast
When’s Card is broken and his Rudder lost.


p. 369, l. 2.  C] Antiochus l. 10.  C omits] have. l. 12.  C omits] Princes.  B misprints] Prnices. l. 17.  C gives this line to Sel. l. 35.  A] Cel. l. 40.  C] I once more next [instead of beg it thus].

p. 370, l. 9.  C] sound. l. 10.  C] beat through. l. 16.  C adds] Finis.  C omits] Prologue and_ Epilogue.

p. 371, l. 1.  A] And those. l. 6.  A omits] Spoke by the Lieutenant.


(A) The | Faithfull | Shepheardesse.  By John Fletcher. | Printed at London for R. Bonian | and H. Walley, and are to be sold at | the spred Eagle over against the | great North dore of S. Paules.  Undated, but probably 1609-10.

(B) The same, with slight differences in the Commendatory Verses and in one or two other sheets.

(C) The | Faithfull | Shepheardesse. | By John Fletcher. | The second Edition, newly corrected.  London, | Printed by T.C. for Richard Meighen, in St Dunstanes Church-yard in Fleet-streete, | 1629.

(D) The | Faithfull | Shepherdesse. | acted at Somerset | House before the King and | Queene on Twelfe night | last, 1633. | And divers times since with great ap-| plause at the Private House in Blacke-| Friers, by his Majesties Servants. | Written by John Fletcher. | The third Edition, with Addition. | London, | Printed by A.M. for Richard Meighen, next | to the Middle Temple in Fleet-| street. 1634.

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