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Appendix II


Any attempt at an adequate bibliography of pastoral literature would require space far greater than that at present at my disposal.  In the case of all the more important works considered in the foregoing inquiry, I have been careful to mention the edition from which my quotations are taken whenever this was not the original.  Nor do I propose to mention in this place every book or article which I have consulted in the course of my study.  Where some particular authority has been followed on some particular point the reference has been given in the form of a footnote.  There are, however, two classes of books which require special mention.  The first of these consists of those works to which I have had cause constantly to refer, and which I have therefore quoted by abbreviated titles; and second, of certain works which I have constantly consulted and followed, but to which I have had no occasion to make specific reference in the notes.  A list of the works coming under one or other of these heads will give a very fair survey of the critical literature of the subject, and may therefore not only be convenient to readers of my work, but may prove useful as a guide to any who may wish to make an independent study.  I have, of course, derived much help from the critical apparatus accompanying many of the texts cited, but these I have not, as a rule, thought it necessary to recapitulate here.  Where, however, I have used critical matter in editions other than those quoted for the text, they have been duly recorded.  Ordinary works of reference need no specific notice.

A. General.

([Greek:  a]) Works on General Literature.  These chiefly refer to Italian and English literature.

(i) Italian. J. A. Symonds. Renaissance in Italy.  Vols.  IV and V. Italian Literature. To the whole of this work, but especially to the section dealing with literature and to that on the Catholic reaction mentioned below (B. vi), my indebtedness is far more than any specific acknowledgement can express.  My references are to the new edition (7 vols., London, 1897-8), which has the advantages of being obtainable, and of having a full though not very accurate index to the whole work, but which is unfortunately very carelessly printed.

B. Weise and E. Percopo. Geschichte der italienischen Litteratur von den aeltesten Zeiten bis zur Gegenwart. Leipzig und Wien, 1899.  I have often found this of considerable use as summarizing the latest work on the subject.  It is, however, not invariably accurate, and the literary appreciations, whether original or borrowed, are seldom enlightening.  Had the space occupied by these been devoted to giving references to special works, the value of the book would have been enormously increased.

A. D’Ancona and O. Bacci. Manuale della letteratura italiana. 5 vols.  Firenze, 1897-1900.  I have fonnd the biographical and bibliographical notes to this collection of the greatest use.

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