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I wouldn’t want her to take no ’fense, you know.  ’Ta’n’t like’s ef I’d a-loved the red-skin Catholic.  I hadn’ never seed ’er.  It wasn’t the gal, it was the money I hankered arter.  So Miss Charlton needn’ be jealous, nor juberous, like’s ef I was agoin’ to wish I’d a married the Injun.  I’d feel satisfied with Kate Charlton ef you think she’d be with David Sawney!”

“That’s a delicate subject—­quite a delicate subject for me to speak about, Mr. Sawney.  To say anything about.  But I may assure you that I appreciate your services in our late battle.  Appreciate them highly.  Quite highly.  Very, indeed.  I have no friend that I think more highly of.  None.  I think I could indicate to you a way by which you might remove any unfavorable impression from Miss Charlton’s mind.  Any unfavorable impression.”

“Anythin’ you tell me to do, squire, I’ll do.  I’d mos’ skelp the ole man Perritaut, and his darter too, ef you said it would help me to cut out that insultin’ Smith Westcott, and carry off Miss Charlton.  I don’t know as I ever seed a gal that quite come up to her, in my way of thinkin’.  Now, squire, what is it?”

“Well, Mr. Sawney, we carried the election the other day and got the county-seat.  Got it fairly, by six majority.  After a hard battle.  A very hard battle.  Very.  Expensive contest, too.  I pay men that work for me.  Always pay ’em.  Always.  Now, then, we are going to have trouble to get possession, unless we do something bold.  Something bold.  They mean to contest the election.  They’ve got the court on their side.  On their side, I’m afraid.  They will get an injunction if we try to move the records.  Sure to.  Now, if I was a young man I’d move them suddenly before they had time.  Possession is nine points.  Nine points of law.  They may watch the records at night.  But they could be moved in the daytime by some man that they did not suspect.  Easily.  Quite so.  County buildings are in the edge of town.  Nearly everybody away at noon.  Nearly everybody.”

“Wal, squire, I’d cawntrack to do it”

“I couldn’t make a contract, you see.  I’m a magistrate.  Conspiracy and all that.  But I always help a man that helps me.  Always.  In more ways than one.  There are two reasons why a man might do that job.  Two of them.  One is love, and the other’s money.  Love and money.  But I mustn’t appear in the matter.  Not at all.  I’ll do what I can for you.  What I can.  Katy will listen to me.  She certainly will.  Do what you think best.”

“I a’n’t dull ‘bout takin’ a hint, squire.”  And Dave winked his left eye at the squire in a way that said, “Trust me!  I’m no fool!”



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