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Most venerable father, she accepts your benediction as if she already possessed the boon it confers.


Now come this way, my child, and walk reverently
round these sacrificial fires.

[They all walk round.


[Repeats a prayer in the metre of the Rig-veda.

Holy flames, that gleam around
Every altar’s hallowed ground;
Holy flames, whose frequent food
Is the consecrated wood,
And for whose encircling bed,
Sacred Ku[s’]a-grass is spread [65];
Holy flames, that waft to heaven
Sweet oblations daily given,
Mortal guilt to purge away,
Hear, oh hear me, when I pray—­
Purify my child this day!

Now then, my daughter, set out on thy journey.

[Looking on one side.]

Where are thy attendants. [S’]arngarava and the others?

YOUNG HERMIT. [Entering.

Here we are, most venerable father.


Lead the way for thy sister.


Come, [S’]akoontala, let us proceed.

[All move away.


Hear me, ye trees that surround our hermitage! [S’]akoontala ne’er moistened in the stream Her own parched lips, till she had fondly poured Its purest water on your thirsty roots; And oft, when she would fain have decked her hair With your thick-clustering blossoms, in her love She robbed you not e’en of a single flower.  Her highest joy was ever to behold The early glory of your opening buds; Oh, then, dismiss her with a kind farewell.  This very day she quits her father’s home, To seek the palace of her wedded lord.

[The note of a Koil[66] is heard.

  Hark! heard’st thou not the answer of the trees,
  Our sylvan sisters, warbled in the note
  Of the melodious Koil[66]? they dismiss
  Their dear [S’]akoontala with loving wishes.


Fare thee well, journey pleasantly on amid streams
Where the lotuses bloom, and the sun’s glowing beams
Never pierce the deep shade of the wide-spreading trees,
While gently around thee shall sport the cool breeze;
Then light be thy footsteps and easy thy tread,
Beneath thee shall carpets of lilies be spread;
Journey on to thy lord, let thy spirit be gay,
For the smiles of all Nature shall gladden thy way.

[All listen with astonishment.


Daughter! the nymphs of the wood, who love thee with the affection of a sister, dismiss thee with kind wishes for thy happiness.  Take thou leave of them reverentially.


[Bowing respectfully and walking on.  Aside to her friend.

Eager as I am, dear Priyamvada, to see my husband once more, yet my feet refuse to move, now that I am quitting for ever the home of my girlhood.

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