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If he lets you engage, you must push Quarte, or, by way of Precaution, make a Half-thrust, in order to see if he stirs, to retire, or to have recourse to his Parade, or to Time.

If he does not stir, you must, as I said, push Quarte; if he retires, redouble your Thrust; if he parrys with his Fort cut Quarte under the Wrist; if with the Feeble, disengage, or cut over the Point in Tierce; and if upon the Half-thrust he takes the Time pushing strait, you must parry and risposte, or take the Time in Seconde, with your Body low; if he takes the Time lowering his Body, you must parry and oppose with the Left-hand, risposting in Quarte; if he takes the Time cutting under the Wrist, you must parry crossing the Sword in Quarte, opposing with the Hand, in order to make your Rispost more safely; and if he volts upon the Half-thrust, you must parry and risposte in Flanconnade, or take the Time, with, your Body low.

If when you engage he disengages, it will be either, 1st, without Design, or 2dly, to disengage and push Tierce over, or 3dly, disengage breaking Measure, or 4thly, disengage, and come to your Blade without, or 5thly disengage making a Feint, and pushing Quarte or 6thly, disengage to take a Counter to your Time.

1st.  If he disengages with a Design only to disengage, you must on the Time push Tierce.

2dly.  If he disengages breaking Measure, you must redouble in Tierce, advancing.

3dly.  If he disengages and pushes without, you must parry and risposte quick where you have Light, or take Time against him, disengaging and volting, or lowering the Body.

4thly.  If he disengages and comes to your Blade without; if ’tis with his Fort, you must cut under in Seconde; and if with the Feeble, you must Counter-disengage from without to within.

5thly.  If on the Engagement, he feint Tierce in order to push Quarte, you must push or take the Time strait upon the Feint, or by lowering the Body on the Thrust.

6thly.  If he disengages giving Light, to take a Counter to your Thrust, whether by a Rispost or Time, you must make a False-time or Half-thrust, and if he parrys, or takes the Time, in Case of the first, you must baulk his Parade; and if he takes the Time, you must take another upon him.

If, upon the Engagement, he goes to your Blade with his Fort, you must cut under his Wrist, and if with his Feeble, disengage and push without in Tierce.

Though an Engagement may be made Blade to Blade, without Disengaging, that is Inside to Inside; better and more common to make it by disengaging from the Outside to the Inside.


Of engaging in Tierce in the Midling Guard.

The Engagement without shou’d be made from your being placed within, Feeble to Feeble, for the same Reason as in Quarte, the Wrist shou’d be turned in Tierce; in this Engagement as in Quarte, the Antagonist may do three things. 1st, let you engage him, 2d. or disengage, 3d. or come to your Blade.

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