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Vol.  XLII.  May, 1888.  No. 5.

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This Number of the Missionary will reach our friends, the pastors and the churches, about the first of June, one month before the usual vacation time sends many of the pastors to their much-needed summer rest, and when the churches enter upon the months of small congregations.  We wish to remind our friends that the expenditures of a missionary society have no vacation, and to ask them that in this remaining month, special efforts be made to prepare us for the months when there is the usual outflow with only a small stream coming in.

The showing of our receipts is favorable.  For the seven months to April 30th, they aggregate $158,921.20, an increase of $5,082.75 over last year.  The increase in collections and donations is $9,241.84, but there is a decrease in legacies of $4,159.09, leaving the net increase as above stated.  On the other hand, however, the expenditure that has been absolutely demanded by our growing work has been $23,778.24 over the receipts.  Our committee has denied many appeals pressed upon it, from the workers in the field, for needed growth and strengthening; but some calls have come with such urgency to save the work already in hand, that it felt constrained to grant the additional appropriations, and we are very confident that if our constituents had been present, they, too, would have concurred heartily and unanimously in the votes.

We might reasonably hope that this debtor balance would be wiped out during the five months of our fiscal year yet before us, but there is a special reason for anxiety that it should soon be materially reduced.  It is at this time that we are compelled to plan the work, and make estimates, for the next fiscal year, beginning October 1st.  We are now endeavoring to cut down these estimates to the lowest possible point, but if, before the close of June, there shall be no marked reduction of this balance, we shall be obliged to cut still further, even to the arresting or crippling of work already begun.  We ask our friends to rally to the rescue.

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The work of the American Missionary Association appeals to the churches of Ohio with cumulative urgency.  “A.M.A.,” as our stalwart brother Pike used to say, are letters that stand for the darkened races of this continent—­the American, the Mongolian and the African.  To the Christian people of America, these tribes are entrusted; for their enlightenment and Christianization, we are responsible. 

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