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Among the recent issues of the press, none has been more effective and deservedly popular than the pamphlet entitled, “OUR COUNTRY,” written by our esteemed friend, Rev. Josiah Strong, D.D.  It has aroused public attention in a remarkable degree, and has opened the way for a career of most promising usefulness to the author.

Our only regret in reading these stirring pages, has arisen from the fact, that in its survey it leaves almost entirely out of account nearly one third part of our country, namely, the South, a part, too, that contains as many elements of future trouble to the nation, and elements, too, that if properly dealt with, can minister as largely to the nation’s future prosperity, as any other portion.  Our object in penning this item is to suggest that some man of equal diligence in collecting facts, and of equal skill in handling them, shall write a book entitled, “Our Whole Country,” that shall omit no part of it.

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The Rev. G.W.  McClellan, a graduate of Fisk University and recently a student at Hartford Theological Seminary, has formed a “Boys’ Christian Association” in connection with his church work in Louisville.  The boys meet on Friday evenings for literary exercises, and the following are some of the questions debated this winter.

1. Resolved, That Washington was a greater general than Grant.

2. Resolved, That capital punishment ought to be abolished.

3. Resolved, That strikes are right and necessary.

4. Resolved, That boys, as a rule, after graduation from the High School, should go to College.

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Question. What was the Dred Scott decision?

Answer.  “The Dred Scott decision declared that slave owners could carry their slaves into any territory except their own.” {156}

Another Answer.  “Dred Scott decision was, that protected tariff should be kept out of the territories.”

Question. What are ocean currents?

Answer.  “The Ocean currant is a celebrated meal-storm on the coast of

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A few days since, there was an examination of candidates for positions as teachers in the New Orleans public schools.  Four of our Straight University girls presented themselves, three graduates and one an undergraduate, and all passed the examination, receiving respectively 94, 93, 92 and 87 per cent., and three were at once given good positions.

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