A Social History of the American Negro eBook

Benjamin Griffith Brawley
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Pamphlets and reports of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the National Urban League, the Southern Sociological Congress, the University Commission on Southern Race Questions, Hampton Conference reports, 1897-1907, and Proceedings of the National Negro Business League, annual since 1900.

The American Nation:  A History from Original Sources by Associated Scholars, edited by Albert Bushnell Hart. 27 vols.  Harper & Bros., New York, 1907. (Volumes important for the present work specially noted below.)

The Chronicles of America.  A Series of Historical Narratives edited by Allen Johnson. 50 vols.  Yale University Press, New Haven, 1918—.  (Volumes important for the present work specially noted below.)

The South in the Building of the Nation. 12 vols.  The Southern Publication Society.  Richmond, Va., 1909.

Studies in Southern History and Politics.  Columbia University Press, New York, 1914.

New International and Americana Encyclopedias (especially on such topics as Africa, the Negro, and Negro Education).


(Note pamphlets at end of list; also special lists under III below.)

Adams, Alice Dana:  The Neglected Period of Anti-Slavery in America (1808-1831), Radcliffe College Monograph No. 14.  Boston, 1908 (now handled by Harvard University Press).

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