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Marion.  Tuition, 130.50; “Southern Friend” (C.W.L.). for Marion,
Ala., 5; Cong.  Ch., 3 138.50

Mobile.  Tuition 288.90

Selma.  “Two Southern Friends,” for Marion, Ala. 30.00

Selma.  W.M.  Ass’n, Cong.  Ch., for Indian M. 5.00

Talladega.  Tuition 176.10

   FLORIDA, $80.00.

Orlando.  M. Marty 10.00

Saint Augustine.  Pub.  Sch.  Fund 70.00

   LOUISIANA, $419.75

New Orleans.  Tuition 389.75

New Orleans.  M.L.  Berger, D.D., to const himself L.M. 30.00

   MISSISSIPPI, $209.65.

Port Gibson.  Mrs. M.S.  Bradford, for Freight 1.85

Tougaloo.  Tuition 206.30

Tougaloo.  Rent 2.00

   TEXAS, $127.84.

Austin.  Tuition, 123.84; “Friends.” 4; Mr. Blatchford, Ag’t, 1
Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, 1 Webster’s Academic Dictionary, for
Tillotson C. & N. Inst. 127.84

   INCOMES, $29.05.

Avery Fund, for Mendi M. 29.05

   CANADA, $10.00.

Montreal.  Chas. Alexander 5.00

Toronto.  Mrs. Jane Ebbs 5.00

   TURKEY, $10.00.

Van.  Rev. Geo. C. Raynolds 10.00


Donations 10,146.59

Legacies 4,242.20

Incomes 29.05

Tuition 4,250.05

Rents 8.50


Total for February 18,676.39

Total from Oct. 1 to Feb’y 29 110,091.90


* * * * *


Subscriptions for February 104.41

Previously acknowledged 458.09


Total 562.50


H.W.  HUBBARD, Treasurer,

56 Reade St., N.Y. {116}

* * * * *


invite special attention to the


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ORDERS BY MAIL will receive prompt attention.



* * * * *

Liquid Cottage Colors.

The best MIXED PAINTS manufactured.  Guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction if properly applied.  They are heavy bodied, and for work that does not require an extra heavy coat, they can be thinned (with our Old Fashioned Kettle-boiled Linseed Oil) and still cover better than most of the mixed paints sold in the market, many of which have so little stock in them that they will not give a good solid coat.

Some manufacturers of mixed paints direct NOT to rub out the paint, but to FLOW it on; the reason being that if such stuff were rubbed out there would be but little left to cover, would be transparent.  Our Cottage Colors have great strength or body, and, like any good paint, should be worked out well under the brush.  The covering property of this paint is so excellent as to allow this to be done.

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