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Fig Filling for Cake

Chop together one pound of dried figs and one cup of seeded raisins.  Add the juice and grated rind of a lemon and sugar to taste.  Pour over the mixture a cup of water and heat thoroughly, mixing it over the fire.  Spread between layers of white cake.

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Thin Gingerbread

Place in a saucepan one pint of molasses, one cup of butter, one teaspoonful of ginger, one teaspoonful of soda, and let them boil together for a moment.  Then remove from the fire, and when nearly cool stir in flour enough to make a thick batter or dough.  Spread thinly on tins and bake quickly.



Champagne Cup I

Pour on a sliced cucumber one pint of sherry and one-half pint of brandy.  Grate the rind of two lemons over a little sugar.  Add it to the mixture with the juice of one lemon and the juice of three oranges, half a pint of Curacao, two bottles of seltzer, three bottles of apollinaris and three bottles of champagne.  Sweeten to taste and ice well.

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Champagne Cup II

Mix together two tablespoonfuls of sugar, the juice and shaved peel of a lemon, a few slices of cucumbers, one wine glass of Curacao, one quart of apollinaris and one quart of champagne.  Pour over a block of ice in a punch bowl.

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Champagne Cup III

Rub three ounces of sugar on lemon peel and put in a punch bowl with the juice of four lemons, one quart of apollinaris, and one quart of orgeat.  Beat this well.  Then add one pint of brandy, half a glass of Jamaica rum and a glass of Maraschino.  Strain into a bowl of ice and just before serving, pour in three quarts of champagne.

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Champagne Cup IV

Two tablespoonfuls of sugar rubbed on the peel of a lemon and mixed with the juice of half a lemon, three slices of pineapple, one wine glass each of Maraschino and brandy and a quart each of apollinaris and champagne.  Ice well.

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Champagne Cup V

Rub two ounces of sugar over the peel of an orange.  Mix with it the juice of an orange, two wine glasses of sherry, one wine glass of Maraschino, and a quart each of apollinaris and champagne.  Add a few slices of cucumber and plenty of ice.

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Hock Cup

Pour over a block of ice in a punch bowl, a wine glass of Maraschino, two quarts of apollinaris, two quarts of sparkling hock and the juice of two lemons.  Sweeten with two ounces of sugar.

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Badminton Claret Cup

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