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Cut six quail in halves and cover them with water in a stewpan, adding strips of salt pork, some finely chopped celery, salt and pepper.  Cook until done.  Remove the birds and strain the liquor; add to it, two ounces of flour rubbed into two ounces of butter, the remainder of the head of celery grated, and two cups of milk.  When it thickens pour over the birds and serve very hot.

* * * * *

Pheasant a la Savarin

Place on the bottom of a roasting pan two slices of bread cut two inches thick.  Spread over this the pounded liver and heart of the bird with an anchovy, a bit of ham and two truffles minced.  On this lay the pheasant and roast until done.  Serve on the cooked bread.

Nothing but the finest Burgundy should be served with this.

* * * * *

Quail and Onion

To each quail allow one good sized onion, sliced, and half a glass each of oil and vinegar.  Stew in a covered pot until the birds are tender.  Season with salt and pepper, and serve with any good sauce.

* * * * *

Salmi of Duck with Olives

Roast for eight minutes two sprig tail ducks, take out and cut the meat from the bones.  Break up the bones.  Cover with water in a saucepan and cook with a dozen cloves, one onion and some chopped celery, to make a gravy.  When done strain it off.  To this gravy add the meat, two ounces of butter, salt, pepper, cayenne, one-half head of celery, cut in strips, one teaspoonful of currant jelly and one dozen stoned olives.  Cook gently ten minutes, stirring it well until smooth.  Add a piece of butter rolled in brown flour.  Stew five minutes and serve very hot.

* * * * *

Stewed Squabs

Make a stuffing of the livers and hearts of six birds chopped fine, with a little butter, chopped pork, the yolk of an egg, salt, cayenne and a little lemon.  Stuff the squabs with the above.  Put them in a stew pan and cover with stock and stew one-half hour.  Take out the birds, add salt, cayenne, three tablespoonfuls of mushroom catsup, one tablespoonful Worcestershire sauce, one tablespoonful of lime juice, a large glass of port or sherry, and two ounces of butter, mixed with three tablespoonfuls of browned flour.

Return the birds to the sauce for ten minutes.  Fry some thick slices of bread, place a bird on each and pour the sauce over them.



Yorkshire Steaks

Fry in butter several small tenderloin steaks, with two onions sliced and one cucumber sliced.  When well browned add a pint of stock, salt, pepper and cayenne and one teaspoonful of made mustard.  Simmer an hour or longer.

* * * * *

Filet of Beef a la Rossini

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