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Lamb Cutlets a la Condi

Lard lamb cutlets with strips of truffle, anchovy and gherkin.  Make a dressing of bread crumbs, mushrooms, capers, chives, a little shallot all chopped very fine, pepper, salt and butter.  Put this on each side of the cutlets and cover with crepinette.  Broil or fry to a light brown and dust over with very fine browned bread crumbs.  Serve with a browned veal gravy and sliced lemon.

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Eggs with Tomatoes

Fry in two ounces of butter two small dry onions and two green peppers, chopped.  Add half a dozen tomatoes peeled and cut up, salt and pepper.  Simmer fifteen minutes.  Add the corn cut from half a dozen ears, and cook fifteen minutes longer.  Pour the mixture into a baking dish, and break over it six eggs.  Place in the oven until set.

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Macaroni a la Rossini

Cook a pint or less of macaroni in well salted water; drain and put into a stew pan, with a little good gravy.  Simmer very slowly until the gravy is all absorbed, shaking the pan occasionally.  Put a layer of the macaroni in a baking dish, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese and sliced truffles mixed with a little good sauce espagnole.  Fill the dish and on the top layer put truffles.  Place in the oven a few minutes and serve with grated Parmesan cheese on a separate dish.

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Timbale of Macaroni for Twelve Persons

Boil one-half pound of macaroni in water for five minutes.  Cut in inch length pieces and simmer for twenty minutes in one quart of milk, being careful that it does not boil.  Season with salt, pepper, mace and cayenne.  Add one cup of cream, stir until very smooth, add the beaten yolks of eight eggs and one can of mushrooms sliced.  Stir well and then add the macaroni with one pound of sweetbreads, cut in small pieces and two dozen Eastern oysters.  Let this cool, then cover with pastry and bake in the oven until brown.



Chicken Portuguese

Truss two young chickens as though for roasting.  Lay on the bottom of a large stew pan the rind of a piece of pork, and on this, place the chicken.  Add four ounces of butter, a head of celery chopped, two onions sliced, three small carrots sliced, two Chili peppers cut up, and the halves of two bell peppers from which the seeds have been removed.  Season with salt, cayenne, thyme and a few sweet herbs.  Cover and cook quickly for forty minutes, moistening from time to time with a spoonful of stock or gravy.  Then add two large tomatoes sliced, and cook twenty minutes longer.  Serve the chicken with the sauce poured over it.

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Chicken with Oysters

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