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in that plight, that tiger among men king Yudhishthira smilingly addressed Bhima—­that ornament of battle,—­saying, ‘Let this worst of men be set free.’  Thus addressed, Bhima spoke unto the mighty Susarman, saying, ’If, O wretch, thou wishest to live, listen to those words of mine.  Thou must say in every court and assembly of men,—­I am a slave. On this condition only I will grant thee thy life.  Verily, this is the law about the vanquished.’  Thereupon his elder brother affectionately addressed Bhima, saying, ’If thou regardest us as an authority, liberate this wicked wight.  He hath already become king Virata’s slave.’  And turning then to Susarman, he said, ’Thou art freed.  Go thou a free man, and never act again in this way.’”

    [32] Some Vikshyainam, Nilakantha explains Sama as a word spoken
    by Bhima for assuring the captive Virata, and Vikshya as
    ‘assuring’ or ‘consoling by a glance.’  Perhaps this is right.

    [33] The adjective Bhima-sankasas as explained by Nilakantha is
    in this sense, quoting the celebrated simile of Valmiki.


Vaisampayana said, “Thus addressed by Yudhishthira Susarman was overwhelmed with shame and hung down his head.  And liberated (from slavery), he went to king Virata, and having saluted the monarch, took his departure.  And the Pandavas also relying on the might of their own arms, and endued with modesty and observant of vows, having slain their enemies and liberated Susarman, passed that night happily on the field of battle.  And Virata gratified those mighty warriors, the sons of Kunti, possessed of super-human prowess with wealth and honour.  And Virata said, ’All these gems of mine are now as much mine as yours.  Do ye according to your pleasure live here happily.  And ye smiter of foes in battle, I will bestow on you damsels decked with ornaments, wealth in plenty, and other things that ye may like.  Delivered from perils today by your prowess, I am now crowned with victory.  Do ye all become the lords of the Matsyas.’”

Vaisampayana continued, “And when the king of the Matsyas had addressed them thus, those descendants of the Kurus with Yudhishthira at their head, joining their hands, severally replied unto him saying, ’We are well-pleased with all that thou sayest, O monarch.  We, however, have been much gratified that thou hast today been freed from thy foes.’  Thus answered, that foremost of kings, Virata the lord of the Matsyas, again addressed Yudhishthira, saying, ’Come, we will install thee in sovereignty of the Matsyas.  And we will also bestow on thee things that are rare on earth and are objects of desire, for thou deservest everything at our hands.  O foremost of Brahmanas of the Vaiyaghra order I will bestow on thee gems and kine and gold and rubies and pearls.  I bow unto thee.  It is owing to thee that I once more behold today my sons and kingdom.  Afflicted

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