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by Yudhishthira, slew three hundred brave warriors.  And having slain such numbers, that fierce and mighty warrior, Yudhishthira, with weapons upraised, rushed against Susarman.  And rushing impetuously at Susarman, that foremost of car-warriors, king Yudhishthira, assailed him with vollies of shafts.  And Susarman also, in great rage, quickly pierced Yudhishthira with nine arrows, and each of his four steeds with four arrows.  Then, O king, Kunti’s son Bhima of quick movements, approaching Susarman crushed his steeds.  And having slain also those soldiers that protected his rear, he dragged from the car his antagonist’s charioteer to the ground.  And seeing the king of Trigarta’s car without a driver, the defender of his car-wheels, the famous and brave Madiraksha speedily came to his aid.  And thereat, leaping down from Susarman’s car, and securing the latter’s mace the powerful Virata ran in pursuit of him.  And though old, he moved on the field, mace in hand, even like a lusty youth.  And beholding Susarman flee Bhima addressed him, saying, ’Desist, O Prince!  This flight of thine is not proper!  With this prowess of thine, how couldst thou wish to carry off the cattle by force?  How also, forsaking thy follower, dost thou droop so amidst foes?’ Thus addressed by Pritha’s son, the mighty Susarman, that lord of countless cars saying unto Bhima, Stay!  Stay!—­suddenly turned round and rushed at him.  Then Bhima, the son of Pandu, leaping down from his car, as he alone could do,[33] rushed forward with great coolness, desirous of taking Susarman’s life.  And desirous of seizing Trigarta’s king advancing towards him, the mighty Bhimasena rushed impetuously towards him, even like a lion rushing at a small deer.  And advancing impetuously, the mighty-armed Bhima seized Susarman by the hair, and lifting him up in wrath, dashed him down on the ground.  And as he lay crying in agony, the mighty-armed Bhima kicked him at the head, and placing his knee on his breast dealt him severe blows.  And sorely afflicted with that kicking, the king of Trigartas became senseless.  And when the king of the Trigartas deprived of his car, had been seized thus, the whole Trigarta army stricken with panic, broke and fled in all directions, and the mighty sons of Pandu, endued with modesty and observant of vows and relying on the might of their own arms, after having vanquished Susarman, and rescued the kine as well as other kinds of wealth and having thus dispelled Virata’s anxiety, stood together before that monarch.  And Bhimasena then said, ’This wretch given to wicked deeds doth not deserve to escape me with life.  But what can I do?  The king is so lenient!’ And then taking Susarman by the neck as he was lying on the ground insensible and covered with dust, and binding him fast, Pritha’s son Vrikodara placed him on his car, and went to where Yudhishthira was staying in the midst of the field.  And Bhima then showed Susarman unto the monarch.  And beholding Susarman
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