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every virtue, will be slain by me even as this Kichaka hath been, O timid one.’  And having accomplished that difficult task so highly agreeable to Krishna—­having indeed slain Kichaka and thereby pacified his wrath, Bhima bade farewell to Krishna, the daughter of Drupada, and quickly went back to the kitchen.  And Draupadi also, that best of women, having caused Kichaka to be slain had her grief removed and experienced the greatest delight.  And addressing the keepers of the dancing-hall, she said, ’Come ye and behold Kichaka who had violated after other people’s wives lieth down here, slain by my Gandharva husbands.’  And hearing these words the guards of the dancing hall soon came by thousands to that spot, torches in hand.  And repairing to that room, they beheld the lifeless Kichaka thrown on the ground, drenched with blood.  And beholding him without arms and legs, they were filled with grief.  And as they gazed at Kichaka, they were struck with amazement.  And seeing that superhuman act, viz., the overthrow of Kichaka, they said, ‘Where is his neck, and where are his legs?’ And beholding him in this plight they all concluded that he had been killed by a Gandharva.”

    [17] Weri means both a kettle-drum and a trumpet.  The latter
    however conveys a better meaning here.


Vaisampayana said, “Then all the relatives of Kichaka, arriving at that place, beheld him there and began to wail aloud, surrounding him on all sides.  And beholding Kichaka with every limb mangled, and lying like a tortoise dragged to dry ground from the water, all of them were overcome with exceeding fright, and the bristles of their bodies stood on end.  And seeing him crushed all over by Bhima, like a Danava by Indra, they proceeded to take him outside, for performing his funeral obsequies.  And then those persons of the Suta clan thus assembled together espied Krishna of faultless limbs hard by, who stood reclining on a pillar.  And all the Kichakas assembled there, exclaimed, ’Let this unchaste woman be slain for whom Kichaka hath himself lost his life.  Or, without slaying her here, let us cremate her with him that had lusted after her,—­for it behoveth us to accomplish in every way what is agreeable to that deceased son of Suta.’  And then they addressed Virata, saying, ’It is for her sake that Kichaka hath lost his life.  Let him, therefore, be cremated along with her.  It behoveth thee to grant this permission.’  Thus addressed by them, king Virata, O monarch, knowing fully well the prowess of the Suta gave his assent to Sairindhri being burnt along with the Suta’s son.  And at this, the Kichakas approaching the frightened and stupefied Krishna of lotus-like eyes, seized her with violence.  And binding that damsel of slender waist and placing her upon the bier, they set out with great energy towards the cemetery.  And, O king, while thus

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