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Vaisampayana continued, “After Arjuna had pointed out those heroes—­the five Pandavas, the son of Virata then spoke of Arjuna’s prowess.  And Uttara once again identified the sons of Pritha.  And the prince said, ’That one whose complexion is bright like that of pure gold, who is stout like a full-grown lion, whose nose is so prominent, whose eyes are large and expansive, and whose face is broad and of coppery hue, is the king of the Kurus.  And behold, that one whose tread is like that of an infuriate elephant, whose complexion is like that of heated gold, whose shoulders are broad and expanded, and whose arms are long and thick, is Vrikodara.  And he who stands by his side, that youth of darkish hue, who is like unto a leader of a herd of elephants, whose shoulders are broad like those of a lion, whose tread is like that of a mighty elephant, and whose eyes are large and expansive like lotus-leaves, is Arjuna that foremost of bowmen.  All lo, close to the king, are those foremost of men, the twins, like unto Vishnu and Indra, and who have no equals, in the world of men, in beauty, might, and behaviour.  And close by them, behold, standeth Krishna, beautiful as gold, like unto the very embodiment of light, possessing the complexion of the blue lotus, like unto a celestial damsel, and resembling the living embodiment of Lakshmi herself.’”

Vaisampayana continued, “Then Virata’s son began to describe the prowess of Arjuna, saying, ’Even this one is he that slew the foe, like unto a lion devastating a flock of deer.  Even he ranged through crowds of hostile cars, slaying their best of car-warriors.  By him was slain a huge, infuriate elephant by means of a single arrow.  Pierced by him, that huge beast having its flanks adorned with an armour of gold, fell down piercing the earth with his tusks.  By him have the kine been recovered and the Kauravas vanquished in battle.  My ears have been deafened by the blare of his conch.  It was by this hero of fierce deeds that Bhishma and Drona, along with Duryodhana, were vanquished.  That achievement is his and not mine.’”

Vaisampayana continued, “Hearing these words of his, the mighty king of the Matsyas, considering himself guilty of having offended Yudhishthira, said unto Uttara in reply, ’I think the time hath come for me to propitiate the sons of Pandu.  And, if thou likest, I shall bestow my daughter Uttara upon Arjuna.’

“Uttara said, ’Worthy of our adorations and worship and respect, the time hath come for worshipping the illustrious sons of Pandu who deserve to be worshipped by us.’

“Virata said, ’When brought under the foe’s subjection in battle, it was Bhimasena that rescued me.  My kine also have been recovered by Arjuna.  It is through the might of their arms that we have obtained victory in battle.  Such being the case, all of us, with our counsellors, shall propitiate Yudhishthira the son of Kunti.  Blessed be thou, with all thy brothers, O bull among the sons of Pandu.  If, O king, we have ever said or done anything in ignorance to offend thee, it behoveth thee to forgive us.  The son of Pandu is virtuous.’”

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