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Philip Parker King
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 494 pages of information about Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia.

Sketch 2:  Islands off admiralty gulf, looking southward from the
     north-east end of cassini island
Left to right:  Peak upon Cape Voltaire and Condillac Island,
     bearing South, two miles distant. 
Several drawings of Captain King.

Sketch 3:  Two conspicuous hills north-east of Prince-regent’s river
Left to right:  Mount Trafalgar and Mount Waterloo.

Map of the chains of islands on the north-west coast of carpentaria
In English Miles. 
A. Castlereagh Bay. 
B. Point Dale. 
C. Arnhem Bay. 
D. Melville Bay. 
E. Cape Arnhem. 
F. Caledon Bay.
1, 1 etc.  Wessel’s Islands.
2, 2 etc.  The English Company’s Islands.
3.  Red Cliffs.
4.  Mallison’s Island.
5.  Cape Newbold.
6.  Cape Wilberforce.
7.  Bromby’s Islands.

Sketch 4:  Cliff of considerable height, in which the beds, though
     inaccessible at the top, may be examined with ease and security,
     where they come down to the shore.

Sketch 5:  Hammer for collecting geological specimens.

Sketch 6:  Small hammer for trimming geological specimens.

Sketch 7:  Small stone-cutter’s chisel.

Plates at the end of the volume, referred to in the appendix.

Table A.
Chlamydosaurus kingii. 
The plate was engraved by Mr. Curtis, from an exceedingly correct
     drawing made by Henry C. Field, Esquire.  Fel.  Coll.  Surg. 
Published by John Murray, Albemarle Street, March, 1826.

Table B.
Carpophagus banksiae. 
Megamerus kingii. 
Phasma tiaratum. 
Drawn by Miss M.L.  Field.  J. Curtis sculp. 
Published by John Murray, Albemarle Street, March, 1826.

Table C.
Kingia Australis. 
Curtis, Id et sculp. 
Published by John Murray, Albemarle Street.



Chapter 1. 
Survey upon the mermaid. 
Purchase another vessel. 
New establishment. 
Departure on the fourth voyage, accompanied by a merchant-ship
     bound through Torres Strait. 
Discovery of an addition to the crew. 
Pass round Breaksea Spit, and steer up the East Coast. 

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