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MIDDLETON’S SHOAL is in latitude 29 degrees 14 minutes, and longitude 158 degrees 53 minutes. (See Horsburgh volume 2 page 508.)

CATO’S BANK is in latitude 23 degrees 6 minutes, and longitude 155 degrees 23 minutes. (Flinders volume 2 page 298 and Horsburgh volume 2 page 509.)

WRECK REEF is in latitude 22 degrees 11 minutes 23 seconds, and longitude 155 degrees 18 minutes 50 seconds. (Flinders volume 2 page 330 and Horsburgh volume 2 page 509.)

CARNS, or MID-DAY REEF, was discovered by Mr. Carns, the master of the ship Neptune, on the 21st of June, 1818, having taken a departure the day before from Sandy Cape.  It extends east and west for a considerable distance:  the ship passed round the western extremity at two miles off, and found its bearing from Sandy Cape to be North 21 degrees East, one hundred and seventy-six miles, and to be in latitude 21 degrees 58 minutes, and longitude 154 degrees 20 minutes.  Its eastern limit was not seen:  it consists of a string of sandbanks and rocks, from five to twenty feet high, with passages between them. (Horsburgh Supp. page 35.)

SIR JAMES SAUMAREZ’ SHOAL was seen by Mr. Lihou; it is in latitude 21 degrees 40 minutes, and longitude 153 degrees 46 minutes by chronometer, which was found correct on making Sandy Cape a day or two afterwards.  There is reason to suppose that many other reefs exist to the North-West of this position.

KENN’S REEF, discovered by Mr. Alexander Kenn, Master of the ship William Shand, on her passage from Sydney to Batavia, extends in the direction of North West by North 1/2 North for ten miles, and is composed of sand and rocks, some of which, at the south end, were six or eight feet out of the water:  it is six miles broad; the centre of the edge (? north) is in latitude 21 degrees 9 minutes, and longitude 155 degrees 49 minutes (by chronometer and lunars):  it was found to bear South 67 degrees West, six miles from Bird Islet, of Wreck Reef.

BOOBY and BELLONA SHOALS.  In the neighbourhood of these reefs, Lieutenant John Lamb, R.N., Commander of the ship Baring, was embarrassed for three days, in which interval he was sounding in between nineteen and forty-five fathoms, and frequently passed shoal parts, upon which the sea was breaking.  The limits assigned by this officer to the extent of the rocky ground, are the parallels of 20 degrees 40 minutes, and 21 degrees 50 minutes, and the meridians of 158 degrees 15 minutes and 159 degrees 30 minutes.  A sandy islet was also seen by him, surrounded by a chain of rocks in 21 degrees 24 1/2 minutes South, and 158 degrees 30 minutes East.  The ship Minerva also struck soundings in eight fathoms, with the appearance of shoaler water to the South-West; this last danger is in a line between the two shoals in about longitude 159 degrees 20 minutes.  (See Horsburgh Supp. page 35.)

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