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ENDEAVOUR STRAIT is on the south side of Prince of Wales’ Islands:  a shoal extends from Cape Cornwall (latitude 10 degrees 45 minutes 45 seconds, longitude 142 degrees 8 minutes 35 seconds) to the westward, and is probably connected with a strip of sand that stretches from Wallis’ Isles to Shoal Cape.  We crossed it with the cape bearing about East, when the least depth was four fathoms; but on many parts there are not more than three fathoms.  Variation 5 degrees 38 minutes West.

PRINCE OF WALES ISLANDS are much intersected by straits and openings, that are very little known; there was an appearance of a good port, a little to the South-West of HORNED HILL (latitude 10 degrees 36 minutes 35 seconds, longitude 142 degrees 15 minutes) which may probably communicate with Wolf’s Bay; the strait to the south of Wednesday Island also offers a good port in the eastern entrance of some rocky islands and without them is the rock b, with some sunken dangers near it.

WEDNESDAY ISLAND; its north end, in latitude 10 degrees 30 minutes 10 seconds, and longitude 142 degrees 15 minutes, may be approached close, but a considerable shoal stretches off its western side, the greater part of which is dry.

Off HAMMOND’S ISLAND is a high, conspicuous rock, bearing West 3/4 South, and five miles and three-quarters from the north end of Wednesday Island.  Captain Flinders passed through the strait separating Wednesday Island from Hammond’s Islands, and had four, five, and six fathoms.

Abreast of the strait separating GOOD’S ISLAND from the latter is the reef c, on which are several dry rocks, but abreast of it, and one mile and one quarter from it, is the reef d,* which is generally covered; the latter bears South 75 degrees West three miles and a quarter from the rock off Hammond’s Island, and about North 45 degrees West two and a quarter miles from the opening between Good and Hammond’s Island; the marks for avoiding it are given in the sailing directions.

(Footnote. d consists of three small detached patches, that extend farther off than is at first observed.  There is also a narrow strip of rocks extending for a short distance off the north-east end of the reef off Hammond’s Island.  Roe manuscript.)

Abreast of Wednesday, Hammond, and Good’s Islands, is the NORTH-WEST REEF, an extensive coral bank, many parts of which are dry; it is ten or eleven miles long; the channel between it and the islands is from one mile and three-quarters to two miles and a quarter wide.

BOOBY ISLAND (latitude of its centre 10 degrees 36 minutes, longitude 141 degrees 52 minutes 50 seconds) is a small rocky islet of scarcely a third of a mile in diameter; its south-west end has a shoal projecting from it for half a mile, but its other sides are bold to.  In a North 70 degrees East direction from it, at the distance of two miles and three-quarters, is a sandbank with three fathoms; it was discovered by the ships Claudine and Mary, on their passage through Torres Strait, when it was named LARPENT’S BANK.*

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