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After three months Bessie returned home for a short visit with her parents.  Upon her arrival she not only found a loving and tender welcome, but also learned that both her parents had accepted her call as from God.  After a happy visit of two weeks she returned to her work.  With the blessing of God upon her labors, we shall here bid her good-by.

In conclusion, we wish to say that what she became was principally in answer to her faithful mother’s prayers.  Had she been left—­as many girls are—­without a mother’s tender love and confidence, mingled with many earnest prayers, she would have fallen into temptations that she never knew.  She had fully proved the worth of a praying mother.



Home as God intended it is built upon the corner-stone of virtue and prayer.  It makes no difference how beautiful the house nor how grand its contents, if the mother is a woman who does not care for God or virtue, the corner-stone of that home is lacking.  Such a home can not stand when trial and temptation enter.

A stream never rises above its source, nor a home above the ideals of its founders.  No matter how humble the home, do not belittle its possibilities.  Anything so sacred as home can command heaven’s choicest and best blessings.  The humblest cabin may contain that element which makes home the shrine of happiness and the temple of peace, and will cause it to send forth saints and heroes.

Oh that parents, especially mothers, could realize their influence in the home, their power to direct the young minds around them into the proper channel!  Let us so educate and train the children that they will be able to get the greatest good from their natural endowment and that they may use it in such a manner as will bring the most glory to God.  So train them and so live before them in the home that in after-years they will say with pleasure:  “This precept was always taught me by my parents.  Father and Mother’s holy example has been a priceless birthright to me.”

This is true parenthood.  It should be the ideal in every home.  By this I mean parents who realize their responsibility and have their children’s best interest at heart; parents who will sacrifice any pleasure of their own for the benefit and happiness of their little ones; parents who will not only bid their children a hearty welcome into the world, but will care for their future from that moment, and who have the love and respect of their entire household.

You may say that parents like these are few and hard to find.  True, but it is equally so that, with proper knowledge and understanding, many would approach this standard.  Perhaps some have allowed years to slip carelessly by and their darlings to pass seemingly beyond their control.  To such I would say, It is never too late to pray.

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