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As she applied the oil and called earnestly upon God, there seemed to be a heavenly atmosphere filling the room.  Bessie felt a soothing sensation passing through her body; and when the prayer was ended, she felt perfectly well, though exceedingly weak.  Her strength soon returned, however, and it was not long until the Lord told her plainly that he wanted her at The Gospel Trumpet office.  She remembered her consecration and felt willing in her heart to obey; but she shrank from telling her parents.  For two weeks she endured severe mental suffering.  She tried to gain sufficient courage to speak to her mother about the call, but her tongue refused to form the words.  One day while she and her mother were in the cosy sitting-room, Mrs. Worthington said, “Bessie, I believe that God wants you at The Gospel Trumpet office and that he has used Cora’s plan and your sickness to show you your duty.”  Looking up through eyes filled with tears, Bessie related all that God had revealed to her.  A great calm then came into her soul.

But the test was not entirely over.  Mr. Worthington must be told, and—­would he be willing?  Embracing the first opportunity, Bessie told him her plans and begged his approval upon them; but his reply nearly crushed her.

“Bessie,” said her father, “if you must leave us, you may go; but I have one thing to say and I mean it.  If you go, you can never return; for your going is heartless indeed.  I can not see why you should choose to go from your comfortable home and those who love you so dearly, and leave your mother, who so much needs your help.”

“Father, Father!” exclaimed Bessie, “Oh, don’t talk that way!  You know how much I love you all.  You know I never wanted to leave home before; and if you won’t let me return, what shall I do?”

As she stood there before her father almost broken-hearted, a sweet voice whispered, “I will be with thee; be not afraid.”  The words sounded like music in her soul and reminded her of her recent decision to obey the Lord at any cost; and she said quietly: 

“Well, Father, if you refuse to let me return home, it will have to be that way; but I must obey the Lord, and he has called me into his service”

“Very well,” he answered, “but remember my words,” and he left her.

Seeking her mother, Bessie told her of the interview and of her father’s refusal to allow her to return home.  For a moment they stood looking at one another; and then, with great tears filling her eyes, her mother said: 

“Remember the words of Jesus, ’There is no man that hath left house, or parents, or brethren, or wife, or children, for the kingdom of God’s sake, who shall not receive manifold more in this present time, and in the world to come life everlasting.’  Dear, child, I know your dutiful nature, and how you long to obey your parents; but the Bible says to obey them in the Lord.  When you have to choose whom you will serve, God or your parents, you must choose the Lord.”

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