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Many saw that the Bible had been misunderstood and had been misconstrued by mankind to prove minor points, while the deep and vital truths had been so covered over with prejudice and unbelief that the majority of the people were blind to the true meaning of the Word; and that, in their confusion, each had gone to the denomination that seemed most nearly to correspond to his clouded views.  It was also clearly shown that there is no way to heaven except the straight and narrow way that Jesus taught, and that God’s Word is the only true measure of a Christian experience.

Mrs. Worthington felt now that her cup of joy was full since she could hear the way of salvation and the true church explained from the pulpit just as God had revealed them to her.  She was also glad that Bessie, who was now old enough to understand deep spiritual truths for herself, was in perfect harmony and fellowship with her.

About forty souls were saved in the meetings; some gained the experience of sanctification; and the Spirit of the Lord worked mightily upon the hearts of many others.

Oh, the deep and wonderful love of God!  Oh, the richness and fulness of his grace!  How glorious Bessie now found her walk with God!  How precious to commune with him and feel that she was growing deeper into his love!  Truly it was a taste of heaven!



Among those converted in the meetings was a girl a little younger than Bessie.  Her name was Cora.  Being an orphan and living in the home of an infidel uncle, where she had no one to understand or sympathize with her views, she often sought Bessie for counsel and advice.  The uncle did not oppose his niece, but others in his family did.

As time went on, the two girls became anxious to be doing something for the Lord.  While they were pondering over the matter, a company of ministers came to the place to hold another series of meetings.  From them the girls learned that The Gospel Trumpet was published by consecrated labor, that the workers received no stated salary, but that they trusted the Lord for their food and clothing.

It seemed a strange story to the girls, but Cora felt that she should like to go and help in the work.  Though her uncle was not pleased with her plan, yet finally, after he had investigated and had found the place respectable, he gave his consent.  It was several months, however, before she expected to leave.  Toward the close of this time Bessie began to feel some anxiety for her friend, and one day said to her, “Cora, do you really want to go to The Gospel Trumpet office to work?  Now, if you don’t want to go, God will not be pleased with your service.”  “Bessie, I have lost all desire to go,” Cora answered.  “It seems to me that God is calling you instead of me.  You could be a much greater help than I, because you have known and understood this truth all your life.”

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