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    Like a florist wise and zealous,
      Guard thou well each blossom fair,
    Lest the perfume and the sweetness
      Vanish for the lack of care. 
    Choose thou then some place at even
      When the daily toils are done,
    Where life’s many cares and blessings
      May be numbered one by one.

    God will give thee wisdom, mother,
      To supply thine ev’ry need,
    As thou givest wholesome knowledge,
      When the childish voices plead. 
    Their young minds, so pure, unfolding,
      Will reveal the secret fair
    That will prove how great the value
      Of a mother’s love and pray’r._



Now that Bessie had learned the secret of a Christian life, she longed to see others enjoying the love of God.  She felt the greatest burden for her father.  Oh, if she could see him enjoying salvation!  She often poured out her desire in prayer, with childlike trust and confidence.  God heard her prayers.

One morning as she was passing the barn on her way to school, she heard some strange sounds.  Peering through a window, she beheld a sight that made her wonder if she saw aright.  There stood her beloved father, great tears streaming from his eyes, his countenance beaming with heavenly peace and joy, and praises to God pouring from his lips.  What did it mean?  In a weak voice she said, “Papa dear, what is the matter!”

Turning he exclaimed:  “Oh, Bessie, God has saved me!  I am so happy!  Run quick and tell your mother!” Bessie ran to the house to tell the glad news, but her father was there nearly as soon, saying, “Oh, I’m saved!  You’re right, wife.  I know now that you’re right, and I see things just as you do!  I’m so happy and feel so different.  Oh, help me to praise the dear Lord.”

Let us leave them in their happiness and follow Bessie to school.  Her father’s words rang as sweet music in her ears.  How good the dear Lord was to answer her in her father’s behalf!  She felt that no good thing would be withheld from them that walk uprightly.  But Bessie was soon to meet a severe and unexpected trial.

Her mother had made her a school-dress.  Though neat and pretty, it was of a material commonly used for men’s shirts.  Bessie knew this, but thought nothing of it until some of her schoolmates gathered round her at recess and said, “O girls, Bessie has a new dress like her father’s shirt.”  Another said, “Perhaps it is his shirt.”  The remarks were certainly unkind, and Bessie felt them keenly; but she laughed and said, “Yes; I know it.”  Nothing more was said.  But oh, that dress!  How she disliked to wear it!  At times she could hardly start to school with it on; but then she would think, “I know Mama thought it was pretty when she got it for me; and I thought it was nice until the girls made those remarks.  I will try to like it for Mama’s sake.”

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