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“I have had some dreams that have greatly encouraged me.  The first was given while I was wondering why I could not find any one who believed the whole Bible.  I seemed to be standing in a meeting-house; the service was ended and nearly every one had gone home.  I noticed a woman in great distress.  Going to her, I found that she had a very sore hand and that she was alone, with no one to help her home through the darkness.  With her consent, I quickly picked her up in my arms and carried her safely through a long, dark, narrow passage.  As we passed along, I spoke words of encouragement to her.  Suddenly we came out into a large open field carpeted with flowers, and there I laid her down, saying, ’How nicely we have gotten along alone.’  Then I awoke.

“For some time I could not see the meaning of the dream.  At last I understood that the afflicted woman was I myself and that the Savior wanted to carry me through the dark and dangerous way of life alone.

“At another time I dreamed I was riding on a locomotive.  Again I was alone.  The seat that I was sitting on was so small I had to be very careful lest I be injured by the machinery around me.  I didn’t think of danger while the train was in motion; but as it drew up at a certain station, I began to consider my position.  The thought came, ’What will people think of me?  They will certainly say I am stealing a ride.’  I remembered my ticket, and, placing my hand upon it, I felt satisfied.  At the next station I could see inside of the passenger coaches.  I had a good view of the passengers in one of the coaches, and I recognized the prominent members of the denomination I had lately left.  As they sat in their cushioned seats, carelessly talking to one another, they all seemed happy and contented.  My own condition then arose before me, and I felt lonely indeed and thought, ’I will step down from my little seat and enter the coach with the rest.’  I was just about to do this—­even had my hand upon the door knob—­when I realized that I had left my dress in the little seat, and again I awoke.

“The dream seemed very plain in every way.  My ticket was my experience and title to heaven, and the dress left up in the tiny seat was the robe of Christ’s righteousness.  While alone and contented, I was all right, but to return to the denomination would mean to leave both robe and title behind.

“Still, God has given me some devoted Christian friends, who are willing to live as the Bible directs, and with these I worship as you know, dear, in our little weekly prayer-meetings.  I trust that some day your father will see and will understand me better, and that we can worship God together.  But I will be faithful even though I should be forced to walk alone.

“Now, dear, I trust you can see that the true church is Christ’s body and that every soul is a member as long as he continues to live a pure and holy life.  Whether he is a member of some sect or not, sin will cut him off; and if he continues to profess as I did, he is a hypocrite in God’s sight.  ‘Come out from among them and be ye separate’ is a command that every Christian should obey.”

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