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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 2,859 pages of information about The Spectator, Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

The Petition of the Grave-digger in ‘Hamlet’, to command the Pioneers in the Expedition of Alexander.


The Petition of William Bullock, to be Hephestion to Penkethman the Great. [4]


* * * * *

    The caricature here, and in following lines, is of a passage in Sir
    Robert Stapylton’s ‘Slighted Maid’:  ’I am the Evening, dark as
    Night,’ &c.

In the ‘Spectator’s’ time the Rehearsal was an acted play, in which Penkethman had the part of the gentleman Usher, and Bullock was one of the two Kings of Brentford; Thunder was Johnson, who played also the Grave-digger in Hamlet and other reputable parts.

* * * * *

[Footnote 1:  ‘March’ was written by an oversight left in the first reprint uncorrected.]

[Footnote 2:  No. 31.]

[Footnote 3:  Mr. Bayes, the poet, in the Duke of Buckingham’s ‘Rehearsal’, after showing how he has planned a Thunder and Lightning Prologue for his play, says,

Come out, Thunder and Lightning.

[Enter Thunder and Lightning.]

‘Thun’.  I am the bold ‘Thunder’.

‘Bayes’.  Mr. Cartwright, prithee speak that a little louder, and
with a hoarse voice.  I am the bold Thunder:  pshaw!  Speak
it me in a voice that thunders it out indeed:  I am the
bold ‘Thunder’.

‘Thun’.  I am the bold ‘Thunder’.

‘Light’.  The brisk Lightning, I.’]

[Footnote 4:  William Bullock was a good and popular comedian, whom some preferred to Penkethman, because he spoke no more than was set down for him, and did not overact his parts.  He was now with Penkethman, now with Cibber and others, joint-manager of a theatrical booth at Bartholomew Fair.  When this essay was written Bullock and Penkethman were acting together in a play called ‘Injured Love’, produced at Drury Lane on the 7th of April, Bullock as ‘Sir Bookish Outside,’ Penkethman as ‘Tipple,’ a Servant.  Penkethman, Bullock and Dogget were in those days Macbeth’s three witches.  Bullock had a son on the stage capable of courtly parts, who really had played Hephestion in ‘the Rival Queens’, in a theatre opened by Penkethman at Greenwich in the preceding summer.]

* * * * *


A Widow Gentlewoman, wellborn both by Father and Mother’s Side, being the Daughter of Thomas Prater, once an eminent Practitioner in the Law, and of Letitia Tattle, a Family well known in all Parts of this Kingdom, having been reduc’d by Misfortunes to wait on several great Persons, and for some time to be Teacher at a Boarding-School of young Ladies; giveth Notice to the Publick, That she hath lately taken a House near Bloomsbury- Square,
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