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Etymology of “News.”—­The word “news” is not derived, as many suppose, from the adjective new, but from a practice that obtained in newspapers of an early date, of prefixing to the title the letters expressive of the cardinal points, thus:—­

  E. W.

meaning that their intelligence was derived from all quarters of the globe.  This must, at any rate, be allowed as ingenious etymology.




  Why “golden,” when that age alone, we’re told,
  Was blest with happy ignorance of gold—­
  More justly we our venal times might call
  “The Golden Age,” for gold is all in all.


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Messrs. Sotheby and Co. will sell on Monday next two collections of Autographs; the first consisting of Autograph Letters, the property of a gentleman; which will be immediately followed by that belonging to the late Mr. Rodd, and the extensive Correspondence of the late William Upcott, Esq., comprising several thousand Autograph Letters.  Mr. Rodd’s collection comprises many letters of great historical and literary interest.

Messrs. Puttick and Simpson will sell by auction on Friday, March the 8th, and seven following days, the extensive and very important Stock of Books of Mr. James Carpenter, of Bond Street, who is retiring from business.  The characteristics of this fine collection are the numerous books of prints and illustrated works which it contains, such as the matchless Series of Piranesi’s Works, being the dedication copy to the king of Sweden:  a copy of Boswell’s Life of Johnson, in 8 vols. {271} folio, illustrated with nearly six hundred Portraits and Views.

We heard some time since that the long-established and highly-respectable house of Payne and Foss, of Pall Mall, had succeeded the late Mr. Rodd in the agency of purchasing for the British Museum.  The rumour proved to be unfounded, and now receives a formal contradiction by the announcement that Messrs. Payne and Foss are retiring from business, and that the first portion of their extensive and valuable Stock of Books will be sold by auction by Messrs. Sotheby and Co.; the first division in a ten days’ sale, commencing on the 18th and terminating on the 28th March; which will be followed by the second division, which will also occupy ten days, and commence on Monday the 8th April.  The lovers of choice copies of fine editions of first-class books will have, on this occasion, such an opportunity of enriching their collections as rarely presents itself.

We have received the following Catalogues:—­

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