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[Illustration:  Letter C.]

Come, sister Ellen, get your hat
  And come away with me;
My boat, all rigged with mast and sail,
  I want you so to see!

Do you upon the landing stand,
  While here I’ll kneel and blow,
So that the little “Water-witch”
  Beneath the arch may go.

There! there! she’s off! how fast she goes
  Across the river wide! 
I’d love to sit in her myself,
  And o’er the water glide.

When I’m a man I’ll have a boat,
  And every sunny day,
We’ll take a long and pleasant sail,
  Till daylight fades away.

[Illustration:  Hope.]


[Illustration:  Letter G.]

God made the day of rest,
  The holy Sabbath day,
For us to think and talk of Him,
  And not for work or play.

I’ll put away my toys
  Safely, the night before;
And Sundays I’ll be very still,
  Till Monday comes once more.

And then mamma will say,
  That, though I am so small,
I yet can please the great, good God,
  Who takes care of us all.

I love these Sabbath days,
  Which God to us doth give;
And may I love them more and more,
  Each day and year I live!


[Illustration:  Letter L.]

Little Lucy was left in the room once alone,
  Where the table was set out for tea;
She looked all around, and she thought to herself
  That no one was there who could see.

Then she climbed on a chair and took off the top
  Of the sugar-bowl, shining and bright;
And there were the lumps of the sugar she loved,
  All looking so nice and so white!

Then she said to herself, “Mamma never will know,
  If I take away only just one;”
So she took it, and ate it;—­it tasted so good,
  She thought, “But one more, and I’ve done.”

But while she was reaching her hand out for more,
  The chair slipped away from her feet;
And poor little Lucy soon wished much that she
  Had not taken the sugar so sweet: 

For her head struck the floor, and made such a noise,
  That every one hastened to see;
And all of them knew, by the sugar she held,
  How naughty Miss Lucy could be!

And no one was sorry, although her poor head
  Ached sadly because of her fall;
For little girls never—­so every one said—­
  Should taste or should meddle at all.


[Illustration:  Letter G.]

God sees me always.  When I sleep,
  He kindly watches near;
He loves the little child to keep,
  Who tries to please Him here.

When I’m alone He sees me too,
  Though no one else is by;
And every naughty thing I do,
  He sees it from on high.

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