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[Illustration:  Letter O.]

Of the childhood of our Saviour
  Tells one simple verse alone;
Yet from that his whole behavior
  When he was a child, is known.

He was subject to his mother,
  So the holy Scriptures say;
’Tis enough, we need no other
  Record of him day by day.

Thus we, his obedience knowing,
  Know how gentle and how mild,—­
How in truth and goodness growing
  Was our Saviour from a child.

Little children, who endeavor
  Like the blessed One to be,
As you try, remember ever
  How obedient was he.

If, like Jesus pure and holy,
  You your parents’ will obey,
You will grow more meek and lowly,
  And more like him, every day.




[Illustration:  Letter S.]

Silence! stir not! for a whisper
  Would affright thy pretty prey;
Not a motion, little lisper,
  Else the fish will glide away.

Hush! he’s coming! he is swimming
  Slowly round and round the bait;
Steady! though thine eye is brimming
  Full of mirth that will not wait.

And thy brother near thee kneeling
  Fears to hear thy ringing shout;
Gently! near and nearer stealing
  Comes the brightly spotted trout.

There! thy hook has caught him surely;
  Firmly hold thy slender rod;
Pull away! and then securely
  Place him on the grassy sod.


’Neath the green boughs rustling o’er you,
  Fish away the livelong day;
And with evening’s star before you,
  Wander home at twilight gray.



[Illustration:  Letter W.]

“What is the rainbow, mother dear,
  With many-colored light? 
Have the clouds parted just to show
  The floor of heaven so bright?

“Or is it wings of angels pure
  That touch along the sky? 
And do they come that we may see
  How fair is all on high?

“Or, mother, on that shining arch
  Do spirits rise above? 
And on that bended bow ascend
  Where all is light and love?

“How beautiful must be that road! 
  Why should we call those back,
Who travel to the better land
  On such a sunny track?

“Why did you weep when brother died? 
  Did you not know that he
On that delightful path must tread,
  Ere he in heaven could be?”

“My dearest child, we cannot know,
  Or trace the spirit’s flight,
For sin and sorrow draw their veil
  Across our mortal sight.

“If—­as the rainbow takes its hues
  Of beauty from the sun—­
We strive to live like Christ our Lord,
  The meek and holy One,—­

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