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God made the bright, round sun;
  He made the pretty flowers;
The little birds, the trees, the clouds
  The rain that falls in showers.

He made papa, mamma,
  And baby brother, too;
And mother says He looks from Heaven,
  And sees each thing I do.

Then I must try to be
  Pleasant, and sweet, and mild;
For the good God who made me loves
  A kind, obedient child.



[Illustration:  Letter N.]

Now again the yellow sun
Shines upon my window-pane;
Now anothor day’s begun,
I can laugh and play again.

I must try to-day to be
Kind in all I say and do;
Then will God be pleased with me,
And mamma will love me too.

For she says that God above
Loves to see a little child
Sweet and gentle as the dove,
Like the pretty lamb so mild.


[Illustration:  Letter N.]

Now the sun hath gone to rest,
Stars are coming faint and dim,
And the bird within his nest
Sweetly sings his evening hymn.

Have I tried mamma to mind? 
Was I gentle in my play? 
Have I been a true and kind,
Pleasant little girl to-day?

Then will God take care of me
Kindly, through the long dark night;
Bright and happy, I shall see
Once again the morning light.


[Illustration:  Letter W.]

Why, what a frightful face is this! 
And what has happened, sir, amiss? 
Come, let me wipe these tears away,
And see no more cross looks to-day.

If Kate did throw your blocks about,
She’s very sorry, I’ve no doubt;
And here she stands to tell you so,
And build another house, I know.

No tears and crying here must be,
So have a pleasant smile for me. 
There, that will do,—­now run away,
And kindly with your sister play.



[Illustration:  Letter W.]

When I play with little children
  I must very gentle be;
I must always do to others
  As I’d have them do to me.

I must like to give and lend them,
  If they want my prettiest toy;
More than my delight and pleasure
  I must love my playmate’s joy.

Children who are kind and loving
  God above is pleased to see;
Let me ever this remember,
  Ever sweet and pleasant be.




[Illustration:  Letter S.]

Stop, naughty pussy! that’s not fair! 
Jump down this minute from the chair! 
You’ve eaten my nice slice of bread. 
And here are only crumbs instead.

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