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Chapter 1.XXII.

The games of Gargantua.

Then blockishly mumbling with a set on countenance a piece of scurvy grace, he washed his hands in fresh wine, picked his teeth with the foot of a hog, and talked jovially with his attendants.  Then the carpet being spread, they brought plenty of cards, many dice, with great store and abundance of chequers and chessboards.

There he played. 
At flush.  At love. 
At primero.  At the chess. 
At the beast.  At Reynard the fox. 
At the rifle.  At the squares. 
At trump.  At the cows. 
At the prick and spare not.  At the lottery. 
At the hundred.  At the chance or mumchance. 
At the peeny.  At three dice or maniest bleaks. 
At the unfortunate woman.  At the tables. 
At the fib.  At nivinivinack. 
At the pass ten.  At the lurch. 
At one-and-thirty.  At doublets or queen’s game. 
At post and pair, or even and At the faily.
  sequence.  At the French trictrac. 
At three hundred.  At the long tables or ferkeering. 
At the unlucky man.  At feldown. 
At the last couple in hell.  At tod’s body. 
At the hock.  At needs must. 
At the surly.  At the dames or draughts. 
At the lansquenet.  At bob and mow. 
At the cuckoo.  At primus secundus. 
At puff, or let him speak that At mark-knife.
  hath it.  At the keys. 
At take nothing and throw out.  At span-counter. 
At the marriage.  At even or odd. 
At the frolic or jackdaw.  At cross or pile. 
At the opinion.  At ball and huckle-bones. 
At who doth the one, doth the At ivory balls.
  other.  At the billiards. 
At the sequences.  At bob and hit. 
At the ivory bundles.  At the owl. 
At the tarots.  At the charming of the hare. 
At losing load him.  At pull yet a little. 
At he’s gulled and esto.  At trudgepig. 
At the torture.  At the magatapies. 
At the handruff.  At the horn. 
At the click.  At the flowered or Shrovetide ox. 
At honours.  At the madge-owlet. 
At pinch without laughing.  At tilt at weeky. 
At prickle me tickle me.  At ninepins. 
At the unshoeing of the ass.  At the cock quintin. 

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