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Chapter 4.LI.—­Table-talk in praise of the decretals

Chapter 4.LII.—­A continuation of the miracles caused by the decretals

Chapter 4.LIII.—­How, by the virtue of the decretals, gold is subtilely drawn out of France to Rome

Chapter 4.LIV.—­How Homenas gave Pantagruel some bon-Christian pears

Chapter 4.LV.—­How Pantagruel, being at sea, heard various unfrozen words

Chapter 4.LVI.—­How among the frozen words Pantagruel found some odd ones

Chapter 4.LVII.—­How Pantagruel went ashore at the dwelling of Gaster, the first master of arts in the world

Chapter 4.LVIII.—­How, at the court of the master of ingenuity, Pantagruel detested the Engastrimythes and the Gastrolaters

Chapter 4.LIX.—­Of the ridiculous statue Manduce; and how and what the
Gastrolaters sacrifice to their ventripotent god

Chapter 4.LX.—­What the Gastrolaters sacrificed to their god on interlarded fish-days

Chapter 4.LXI.—­How Gaster invented means to get and preserve corn

Chapter 4.LXII.—­How Gaster invented an art to avoid being hurt or touched by cannon-balls

Chapter 4.LXIII.—­How Pantagruel fell asleep near the island of Chaneph, and of the problems proposed to be solved when he waked

Chapter 4.LXIV.—­How Pantagruel gave no answer to the problems

Chapter 4.LXV.—­How Pantagruel passed the time with his servants

Chapter 4.LXVI.—­How, by Pantagruel’s order, the Muses were saluted near the isle of Ganabim

Chapter 4.LXVII.—­How Panurge berayed himself for fear; and of the huge cat Rodilardus, which he took for a puny devil


The Author’s Prologue

Chapter 5.I.—­How Pantagruel arrived at the Ringing Island, and of the noise that we heard

Chapter 5.II.—­How the Ringing Island had been inhabited by the Siticines, who were become birds

Chapter 5.III.—­How there is but one pope-hawk in the Ringing Island

Chapter 5.IV.—­How the birds of the Ringing Island were all passengers

Chapter 5.V.—­Of the dumb Knight-hawks of the Ringing Island

Chapter 5.VI.—­How the birds are crammed in the Ringing Island

Chapter 5.VII.—­How Panurge related to Master Aedituus the fable of the horse and the ass

Chapter 5.VIII.—­How with much ado we got a sight of the pope-hawk

Chapter 5.IX.—­How we arrived at the island of Tools

Chapter 5.X.—­How Pantagruel arrived at the island of Sharping

Chapter 5.XI.—­How we passed through the wicket inhabited by Gripe-men-all,
Archduke of the Furred Law-cats

Chapter 5.XII.—­How Gripe-men-all propounded a riddle to us

Chapter 5.XIII.—­How Panurge solved Gripe-men-all’s riddle

Chapter 5.XIV.—­How the Furred Law-cats live on corruption

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