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Hearkee me, Friar Quaver, Semiquaver, Demisemiquavering quaver, where is the punk?

The Friar, pointing downwards, answered, There.

Pan.  Pray, have you many?  Fri.  Few.

Pan.  How many scores have you?  Fri.  One.

Pan.  How many would you have?  Fri.  Five.

Pan.  Where do you hide ’em?  Fri.  Here.

Pan.  I suppose they are not all of one age; but, pray, how is their shape? 
Fri.  Straight.

Pan.  Their complexion?  Fri.  Clear.

Pan.  Their hair?  Fri.  Fair.

Pan.  Their eyes?  Fri.  Black.

Pan.  Their features?  Fri.  Good.

Pan.  Their brows?  Fri.  Small.

Pan.  Their graces?  Fri.  Ripe.

Pan.  Their looks?  Fri.  Free.

Pan.  Their feet?  Fri.  Flat.

Pan.  Their heels?  Fri.  Short.

Pan.  Their lower parts?  Fri.  Rare.

Pan.  And their arms?  Fri.  Long.

Pan.  What do they wear on their hands?  Fri.  Gloves.

Pan.  What sort of rings on their fingers?  Fri.  Gold.

Pan.  What rigging do you keep ’em in?  Fri.  Cloth.

Pan.  What sort of cloth is it?  Fri.  New.

Pan.  What colour?  Fri.  Sky.

Pan.  What kind of cloth is it?  Fri.  Fine.

Pan.  What caps do they wear?  Fri.  Blue.

Pan.  What’s the colour of their stockings?  Fri.  Red.

Pan.  What wear they on their feet?  Fri.  Pumps.

Pan.  How do they use to be?  Fri.  Foul.

Pan.  How do they use to walk?  Fri.  Fast.

Pan.  Now let us talk of the kitchen, I mean that of the harlots, and without going hand over head let’s a little examine things by particulars.  What is in their kitchens?  Fri.  Fire.

Pan.  What fuel feeds it?  Fri.  Wood.

Pan.  What sort of wood is’t?  Fri.  Dry.

Pan.  And of what kind of trees?  Fri.  Yews.

Pan.  What are the faggots and brushes of?  Fri.  Holm.

Pan.  What wood d’ye burn in your chambers?  Fri.  Pine.

Pan.  And of what other trees?  Fri.  Lime.

Pan.  Hearkee me; as for the buttocks, I’ll go your halves.  Pray, how do you feed ’em?  Fri.  Well.

Pan.  First, what do they eat?  Fri.  Bread.

Pan.  Of what complexion?  Fri.  White.

Pan.  And what else?  Fri.  Meat.

Pan.  How do they love it dressed?  Fri.  Roast.

Pan.  What sort of porridge?  Fri.  None.

Pan.  Are they for pies and tarts?  Fri.  Much.

Pan.  Then I’m their man.  Will fish go down with them?  Fri.  Well.

Pan.  And what else?  Fri.  Eggs.

Pan.  How do they like ’em?  Fri.  Boiled.

Pan.  How must they be done?  Fri.  Hard.

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