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Caviare. tops, bishop’s-cods, Red herrings. 
Botargoes. celery, chives, ram- Pilchards. 
Fresh butter. pions, jew’s-ears (a Anchovies. 
Pease soup. sort of mushrooms Fry of tunny. 
Spinach. that sprout out of Cauliflowers. 
Fresh herrings, full old elders), spara- Beans.
  roed. gus, wood-bind, Salt salmon. 
Salads, a hundred and a world of Pickled grigs.
  varieties, of cres- others.  Oysters in the shell.
  ses, sodden hop-

Then he must drink, or the devil would gripe him at the throat; this, therefore, they take care to prevent, and nothing is wanting.  Which being done, they give him lampreys with hippocras sauce: 

Gurnards.  Thornbacks.  Fried oysters. 
Salmon trouts.  Sleeves.  Cockles. 
Barbels, great and Sturgeons.  Prawns.
  small.  Sheath-fish.  Smelts. 
Roaches.  Mackerels.  Rock-fish. 
Cockerels.  Maids.  Gracious lords. 
Minnows.  Plaice.  Sword-fish. 
Skate-fish.  Sharplings.  Soles. 
Lamprels.  Tunnies.  Mussels. 
Jegs.  Silver eels.  Lobsters. 
Pickerels.  Chevins.  Great prawns. 
Golden carps.  Crayfish.  Dace. 
Burbates.  Pallours.  Bleaks. 
Salmons.  Shrimps.  Tenches. 
Salmon-peels.  Congers.  Ombres. 
Dolphins.  Porpoises.  Fresh cods. 
Barn trouts.  Bases.  Dried melwels. 
Miller’s-thumbs.  Shads.  Darefish. 
Precks.  Murenes, a sort of Fausens, and grigs. 
Bret-fish. lampreys.  Eel-pouts. 
Flounders.  Graylings.  Tortoises. 
Sea-nettles.  Smys.  Serpents, i.e. wood-
Mullets.  Turbots. eels. 
Gudgeons.  Trout, not above a Dories. 
Dabs and sandings. foot long.  Moor-game. 
Haddocks.  Salmons.  Perches. 
Carps.  Meagers.  Loaches. 
Pikes.  Sea-breams.  Crab-fish. 
Bottitoes.  Halibuts.  Snails and whelks. 
Rochets.  Dog’s tongue, or kind Frogs. 
Sea-bears. fool.

If, when he had crammed all this down his guttural trapdoor, he did not immediately make the fish swim again in his paunch, death would pack him off in a trice.  Special care is taken to antidote his godship with vine-tree syrup.  Then is sacrificed to him haberdines, poor-jack, minglemangled, mismashed, &c.

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