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Teals. vinegar intermixed.  Thrushes. 
Duckers.  Venison pasties.  Young sea-ravens. 
Bitterns.  Lark pies.  Geese, goslings. 
Shovellers.  Dormice pies.  Queests. 
Curlews.  Cabretto pasties.  Widgeons. 
Wood-hens.  Roebuck pasties.  Mavises. 
Coots, with leeks.  Pigeon pies.  Grouses. 
Fat kids.  Kid pasties.  Turtles. 
Shoulders of mutton, Capon pies.  Doe-coneys.
  with capers.  Bacon pies.  Hedgehogs. 
Sirloins of beef.  Soused hog’s feet.  Snites. 
Breasts of veal.  Fried pasty-crust.  Then large puffs. 
Pheasants and phea- Forced capons.  Thistle-finches.
  sant poots.  Parmesan cheese.  Whore’s farts. 
Peacocks.  Red and pale hip- Fritters. 
Storks. pocras.  Cakes, sixteen sorts. 
Woodcocks.  Gold-peaches.  Crisp wafers. 
Snipes.  Artichokes.  Quince tarts. 
Ortolans.  Dry and wet sweet- Curds and cream. 
Turkey cocks, hen meats, seventy- Whipped cream.
  turkeys, and turkey eight sorts.  Preserved mirabo-
  poots.  Boiled hens, and fat lans. 
Stock-doves, and capons marinated.  Jellies.
  wood-culvers.  Pullets, with eggs.  Welsh barrapyclids. 
Pigs, with wine sauce.  Chickens.  Macaroons. 
Blackbirds, ousels, and Rabbits, and sucking Tarts, twenty sorts.
  rails. rabbits.  Lemon cream, rasp-
Moorhens.  Quails, and young berry cream, &c. 
Bustards, and bustard quails.  Comfits, one hundred
  poots.  Pigeons, squabs, and colours. 
Fig-peckers. squeakers.  Cream wafers. 
Young Guinea hens.  Fieldfares.  Cream cheese.

Vinegar brought up the rear to wash the mouth, and for fear of the squinsy; also toasts to scour the grinders.

Chapter 4.LX.

What the Gastrolaters sacrificed to their god on interlarded fish-days.

Pantagruel did not like this pack of rascally scoundrels with their manifold kitchen sacrifices, and would have been gone had not Epistemon prevailed with him to stay and see the end of the farce.  He then asked the skipper what the idle lobcocks used to sacrifice to their gorbellied god on interlarded fish-days.  For his first course, said the skipper, they gave him: 

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