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Chapter 4.XX.—­How the pilots were forsaking their ships in the greatest stress of weather

Chapter 4.XXI.—­A continuation of the storm, with a short discourse on the subject of making testaments at sea

Chapter 4.XXII.—­An end of the storm

Chapter 4.XXIII.—­How Panurge played the good fellow when the storm was over

Chapter 4.XXIV.—­How Panurge was said to have been afraid without reason during the storm

Chapter 4.XXV.—­How, after the storm, Pantagruel went on shore in the islands of the Macreons

Chapter 4.XXVI.—­How the good Macrobius gave us an account of the mansion and decease of the heroes

Chapter 4.XXVII.—­Pantagruel’s discourse of the decease of heroic souls; and of the dreadful prodigies that happened before the death of the late Lord de Langey

Chapter 4.XXVIII.—­How Pantagruel related a very sad story of the death of the heroes

Chapter 4.XXIX.—­How Pantagruel sailed by the Sneaking Island, where Shrovetide reigned

Chapter 4.XXX.—­How Shrovetide is anatomized and described by Xenomanes

Chapter 4.XXXI.—­Shrovetide’s outward parts anatomized

Chapter 4.XXXII.—­A continuation of Shrovetide’s countenance

Chapter 4.XXXIII.—­How Pantagruel discovered a monstrous physeter, or whirlpool, near the Wild Island

Chapter 4.XXXIV.—­How the monstrous physeter was slain by Pantagruel

Chapter 4.XXXV.—­How Pantagruel went on shore in the Wild Island, the ancient abode of the Chitterlings

Chapter 4.XXXVI.—­How the wild Chitterlings laid an ambuscado for

Chapter 4.XXXVII.—­How Pantagruel sent for Colonel Maul-chitterling and Colonel Cut-pudding; with a discourse well worth your hearing about the names of places and persons

Chapter 4.XXXVIII.—­How Chitterlings are not to be slighted by men

Chapter 4.XXXIX.—­How Friar John joined with the cooks to fight the

Chapter 4.XL.—­How Friar John fitted up the sow; and of the valiant cooks that went into it

Chapter 4.XLI.—­How Pantagruel broke the Chitterlings at the knees

Chapter 4.XLII.—­How Pantagruel held a treaty with Niphleseth, Queen of the

Chapter 4.XLIII.—­How Pantagruel went into the island of Ruach

Chapter 4.XLIV.—­How small rain lays a high wind

Chapter 4.XLV.—­How Pantagruel went ashore in the island of Pope-Figland

Chapter 4.XLVI.—­How a junior devil was fooled by a husbandman of Pope-

Chapter 4.XLVII.—­How the devil was deceived by an old woman of Pope-

Chapter 4.XLVIII.—­How Pantagruel went ashore at the island of Papimany

Chapter 4.XLIX.—­How Homenas, Bishop of Papimany, showed us the Uranopet decretals

Chapter 4.L.—­How Homenas showed us the archetype, or representation of a pope

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