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All these noble cooks in their coat-of-arms did bear, in a field gules, a larding-pin vert, charged with a chevron argent.

Lard, hog’s-lard.  Pinch-lard.  Snatch-lard. 
Nibble-lard.  Top-lard.  Gnaw-lard. 
Filch-lard.  Pick-lard.  Scrape-lard. 
Fat-lard.  Save-lard.  Chew-lard.

Gaillard (by syncope) born near Rambouillet.  The said culinary doctor’s name was Gaillardlard, in the same manner as you use to say idolatrous for idololatrous.

Stiff-lard.  Cut-lard.  Waste-lard. 
Watch-lard.  Mince-lard.  Ogle-lard. 
Sweet-lard.  Dainty-lard.  Weigh-lard. 
Eat-lard.  Fresh-lard.  Gulch-lard. 
Snap-lard.  Rusty-lard.  Eye-lard. 

Names unknown among the Marranes and Jews.

Ballocky.  Thirsty.  Porridge-pot. 
Pick-sallat.  Kitchen-stuff.  Lick-dish. 
Broil-rasher.  Verjuice.  Salt-gullet. 
Coney-skin.  Save-dripping.  Snail-dresser. 
Dainty-chops.  Watercress.  Soup-monger. 
Pie-wright.  Scrape-turnip.  Brewis-belly. 
Pudding-pan.  Trivet.  Chine-picker. 
Toss-pot.  Monsieur Ragout.  Suck-gravy. 
Mustard-sauce.  Crack-pipkin.  Macaroon. 
Claret-sauce.  Scrape-pot.  Skewer-maker. 

Smell-smock.  He was afterwards taken from the kitchen and removed to chamber-practice, for the service of the noble Cardinal Hunt-venison.

Rot-roast.  Hog’s gullet.  Fox-tail. 
Dish-clout.  Sirloin.  Fly-flap. 
Save-suet.  Spit-mutton.  Old Grizzle. 
Fire-fumbler.  Fritter-frier.  Ruff-belly. 
Pillicock.  Flesh-smith.  Saffron-sauce. 
Long-tool.  Cram-gut.  Strutting-tom. 
Prick-pride.  Tuzzy-mussy.  Slashed-snout. 
Prick-madam.  Jacket-liner.  Smutty-face. 
Pricket.  Guzzle-drink.

Mondam, that first invented madam’s sauce, and for that discovery was thus called in the Scotch-French dialect.

Loblolly.  Sloven.  Trencher-man. 
Slabber-chops.  Swallow-pitcher.  Goodman Goosecap. 
Scum-pot.  Wafer-monger.  Munch-turnip. 
Gully-guts.  Snap-gobbet.  Pudding-bag. 
Rinse-pot.  Scurvy-phiz.  Pig-sticker. 

Robert.  He invented Robert’s sauce, so good and necessary for roasted coneys, ducks, fresh pork, poached eggs, salt fish, and a thousand other such dishes.

Cold-eel.  Frying-pan.  Big-snout. 
Thornback.  Man of dough.  Lick-finger. 
Gurnard.  Sauce-doctor.  Tit-bit. 
Grumbling-gut.  Waste-butter.  Sauce-box. 
Alms-scrip.  Shitbreech.  All-fours. 
Taste-all.  Thick-brawn.  Whimwham. 
Scrap-merchant.  Tom T—­d.  Baste-roast. 
Belly-timberman.  Mouldy-crust.  Gaping-hoyden. 
Hashee.  Hasty.  Calf’s-pluck. 
Frig-palate.  Red-herring.  Leather-breeches. 
Powdering-tub.  Cheesecake.

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