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You will do me a kindness, said Pantagruel, if, as you have described his clothes, food, actions, and pastimes, you will also give me an account of his shape and disposition in all his parts.  Prithee do, dear cod, said Friar John, for I have found him in my breviary, and then follow the movable holy days.  With all my heart, answered Xenomanes; we may chance to hear more of him as we touch at the Wild Island, the dominions of the squab Chitterlings, his enemies, against whom he is eternally at odds; and were it not for the help of the noble Carnival, their protector and good neighbour, this meagre-looked lozelly Shrovetide would long before this have made sad work among them, and rooted them out of their habitation.  Are these same Chitterlings, said Friar John, male or female, angels or mortals, women or maids?  They are, replied Xenomanes, females in sex, mortal in kind, some of them maids, others not.  The devil have me, said Friar John, if I ben’t for them.  What a shameful disorder in nature, is it not, to make war against women?  Let’s go back and hack the villain to pieces.  What! meddle with Shrovetide? cried Panurge, in the name of Beelzebub, I am not yet so weary of my life.  No, I’m not yet so mad as that comes to.  Quid juris?  Suppose we should find ourselves pent up between the Chitterlings and Shrovetide? between the anvil and the hammers?  Shankers and buboes! stand off! godzooks, let us make the best of our way.  I bid you good night, sweet Mr. Shrovetide; I recommend to you the Chitterlings, and pray don’t forget the puddings.

Chapter 4.XXX.

How Shrovetide is anatomized and described by Xenomanes.

As for the inward parts of Shrovetide, said Xenomanes; his brain is (at least, it was in my time) in bigness, colours, substance, and strength, much like the left cod of a he hand-worm.

The ventricles of his said brain, The stomach, like a belt.
  like an auger.  The pylorus, like a pitchfork. 
The worm-like excrescence, like The windpipe, like an oyster-
  a Christmas-box. knife. 
The membranes, like a monk’s The throat, like a pincushion
  cowl. stuffed with oakum. 
The funnel, like a mason’s chisel.  The lungs, like a prebend’s
The fornix, like a casket. fur-gown. 
The glandula pinealis, like a bag- The heart, like a cope.
  pipe.  The mediastine, like an earthen
The rete mirabile, like a gutter. cup. 
The dug-like processus, like a The pleura, like a crow’s bill.
  patch.  The arteries, like a watch-coat. 
The tympanums, like a whirli- The midriff, like a montero-cap.
  gig.  The liver, like a double-tongued
The rocky bones, like a goose- mattock.

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