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the block crack; is it broke?  For the Lord’s sake, let us have the hull, and let all the rigging be damned.  Be, be, be, bous, bous, bous.  Look to the needle of your compass, I beseech you, good Sir Astrophil, and tell us, if you can, whence comes this storm.  My heart’s sunk down below my midriff.  By my troth, I am in a sad fright, bou, bou, bou, bous, bous, I am lost for ever.  I conskite myself for mere madness and fear.  Bou, bou, bou, bou, Otto to to to to ti.  Bou, bou, bou, ou, ou, ou, bou, bou, bous.  I sink, I’m drowned, I’m gone, good people, I’m drowned.

Chapter 4.XIX.

What countenances Panurge and Friar John kept during the storm.

Pantagruel, having first implored the help of the great and Almighty Deliverer, and prayed publicly with fervent devotion, by the pilot’s advice held tightly the mast of the ship.  Friar John had stripped himself to his waistcoat, to help the seamen.  Epistemon, Ponocrates, and the rest did as much.  Panurge alone sat on his breech upon deck, weeping and howling.  Friar John espied him going on the quarter-deck, and said to him, Odzoons!  Panurge the calf, Panurge the whiner, Panurge the brayer, would it not become thee much better to lend us here a helping hand than to lie lowing like a cow, as thou dost, sitting on thy stones like a bald-breeched baboon?  Be, be, be, bous, bous, bous, returned Panurge; Friar John, my friend, my good father, I am drowning, my dear friend!  I drown!  I am a dead man, my dear father in God; I am a dead man, my friend; your cutting hanger cannot save me from this; alas! alas! we are above ela.  Above the pitch, out of tune, and off the hinges.  Be, be, be, bou, bous.  Alas! we are now above g sol re ut.  I sink, I sink, ha, my father, my uncle, my all.  The water is got into my shoes by the collar; bous, bous, bous, paish, hu, hu, hu, he, he, he, ha, ha, I drown.  Alas! alas!  Hu, hu, hu, hu, hu, hu, hu, be, be, bous, bous, bobous, bobous, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, alas! alas!  Now I am like your tumblers, my feet stand higher than my head.  Would to heaven I were now with those good holy fathers bound for the council whom we met this morning, so godly, so fat, so merry, so plump and comely.  Holos, bolos, holas, holas, alas!  This devilish wave (mea culpa Deus), I mean this wave of God, will sink our vessel.  Alas!  Friar John, my father, my friend, confession.  Here I am down on my knees; confiteor; your holy blessing.  Come hither and be damned, thou pitiful devil, and help us, said Friar John (who fell a-swearing and cursing like a tinker), in the name of thirty legions of black devils, come; will you come?  Do not let us swear at this time, said Panurge; holy father, my friend, do not swear, I beseech you; to-morrow as much as you please.  Holos, holos, alas! our ship leaks.  I drown, alas, alas!  I will give eighteen hundred thousand crowns to anyone that will set me on shore, all berayed

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