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  Panurge.  On which side you please; I hear you.

  Dingdong.  You are going to Lanternland, they say.

  Panurge.  Yea, verily.

  Dingdong.  To see fashions?

  Panurge.  Even so.

  Dingdong.  And be merry?

  Panurge.  And be merry.

  Dingdong.  Your name is, as I take it, Robin Mutton?

  Panurge.  As you please for that, sweet sir.

  Dingdong.  Nay, without offence.

  Panurge.  So I would have it.

  Dingdong.  You are, as I take it, the king’s jester; aren’t you?

  Panurge.  Ay, ay, anything.

Dingdong.  Give me your hand—­humph, humph, you go to see fashions, you are the king’s jester, your name is Robin Mutton!  Do you see this same ram?  His name, too, is Robin.  Here, Robin, Robin, Robin!  Baea, baea, baea.  Hath he not a rare voice?

  Panurge.  Ay, marry has he, a very fine and harmonious voice.

Dingdong.  Well, this bargain shall be made between you and me, friend and neighbour; we will get a pair of scales, then you Robin Mutton shall be put into one of them, and Tup Robin into the other.  Now I will hold you a peck of Busch oysters that in weight, value, and price he shall outdo you, and you shall be found light in the very numerical manner as when you shall be hanged and suspended.

Patience, said Panurge; but you would do much for me and your whole posterity if you would chaffer with me for him, or some other of his inferiors.  I beg it of you; good your worship, be so kind.  Hark ye, friend of mine, answered the other; with the fleece of these your fine Rouen cloth is to be made; your Leominster superfine wool is mine arse to it; mere flock in comparison.  Of their skins the best cordovan will be made, which shall be sold for Turkey and Montelimart, or for Spanish leather at least.  Of the guts shall be made fiddle and harp strings that will sell as dear as if they came from Munican or Aquileia.  What do you think on’t, hah?  If you please, sell me one of them, said Panurge, and I will be yours for ever.  Look, here’s ready cash.  What’s the price?  This he said exhibiting his purse stuffed with new Henricuses.

Chapter 4.VII.

Which if you read you’ll find how Panurge bargained with Dingdong.

Neighbour, my friend, answered Dingdong, they are meat for none but kings and princes; their flesh is so delicate, so savoury, and so dainty that one would swear it melted in the mouth.  I bring them out of a country where the very hogs, God be with us, live on nothing but myrobolans.  The sows in the styes when they lie-in (saving the honour of this good company) are fed only with orange-flowers.  But, said Panurge, drive a bargain with me for one of them, and I will pay you for’t like a king, upon the honest word of a true Trojan; come, come,

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