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Gl. ff. de alien. jud. mut. caus. fa. lib.2.  This administered unto the tavern-keepers, wine-drawers, and vintners of Semerve an occasion to say, that under him they had not in the space of a whole year so much reconciliation-wine, for so were they pleased to call the good wine of Leguge, as under his father they had done in one half-hour’s time.  It happened a little while thereafter that he made a most heavy regret thereof to his father, attributing the causes of his bad success in pacificatory enterprises to the perversity, stubbornness, froward, cross, and backward inclinations of the people of his time; roundly, boldly, and irreverently upbraiding, that if but a score of years before the world had been so wayward, obstinate, pervicacious, implacable, and out of all square, frame, and order as it was then, his father had never attained to and acquired the honour and title of Strife-appeaser so irrefragably, inviolably, and irrevocably as he had done.  In doing whereof Tenot did heinously transgress against the law which prohibiteth children to reproach the actions of their parents; per gl. et Bart. l. 3. paragr. si quis. ff. de cond. ob caus. et authent. de nupt. par. sed quod sancitum. col. 4.  To this the honest old father answered thus:  My son Dandin, when Don Oportet taketh place, this is the course which we must trace, gl. c. de appell. l. eos etiam.  For the road that you went upon was not the way to the fuller’s mill, nor in any part thereof was the form to be found wherein the hare did sit.  Thou hast not the skill and dexterity of settling and composing differences.  Why?  Because thou takest them at the beginning, in the very infancy and bud as it were, when they are green, raw, and indigestible.  Yet I know handsomely and featly how to compose and settle them all.  Why?  Because I take them at their decadence, in their weaning, and when they are pretty well digested.  So saith Gloss: 

  Dulcior est fructus post multa pericula ductus.

L. non moriturus. c. de contrahend. et committ. stip.  Didst thou ever hear the vulgar proverb, Happy is the physician whose coming is desired at the declension of a disease?  For the sickness being come to a crisis is then upon the decreasing hand, and drawing towards an end, although the physician should not repair thither for the cure thereof; whereby, though nature wholly do the work, he bears away the palm and praise thereof.  My pleaders, after the same manner, before I did interpose my judgment in the reconciling of them, were waxing faint in their contestations.  Their altercation heat was much abated, and, in declining from their former strife, they of themselves inclined to a firm accommodation of their differences; because there wanted fuel to that fire of burning rancour and despiteful wrangling whereof the lower sort of lawyers were the kindlers.  That is to say, their purses were emptied of coin, they had not a win in their fob, nor penny in their bag, wherewith to solicit and present their actions.

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