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in a tavern, to make some accord and agreement between persons at odds and in debate with one another.  Remark what I say; for he never yet settled and compounded a difference betwixt any two at variance, but he straight made the parties agreed and pacified to drink together as a sure and infallible token and symbol of a perfect and completely well-cemented reconciliation, sign of a sound and sincere amity and proper mark of a new joy and gladness to follow thereupon,—­Ut not. per (Doct.) ff. de peric. et com. rei vend. l. 1.  He had a son, whose name was Tenot Dandin, a lusty, young, sturdy, frisking roister, so help me God! who likewise, in imitation of his peace-making father, would have undertaken and meddled with the making up of variances and deciding of controversies betwixt disagreeing and contentious party-pleaders; as you know,

  Saepe solet similis esse patri. 
  Et sequitur leviter filia matris iter.

Ut ait gloss. 6, quaest. 1. c.  Si quis. gloss. de cons. dist. 5. c. 2. fin. et est. not. per Doct. cod. de impub. et aliis substit. l. ult. et l. legitime. ff. de stat. hom. gloss. in l. quod si nolit. ff. de aedil. edict. l. quisquis c. ad leg.  Jul.  Majest.  Excipio filios a Moniali susceptos ex Monacho. per glos. in c. impudicas. 27. quaestione. 1.  And such was his confidence to have no worse success than his father, he assumed unto himself the title of Law-strife-settler.  He was likewise in these pacificatory negotiations so active and vigilant—­for, Vigilantibus jura subveniunt. ex l. pupillus. ff. quae in fraud. cred. et ibid. l. non enim. et instit. in prooem.—­that when he had smelt, heard, and fully understood—­ut quando paup. fec. l.  Agaso. gloss. in verb. olfecit, id est, nasum ad culum posuit—­and found that there was anywhere in the country a debatable matter at law, he would incontinently thrust in his advice, and so forwardly intrude his opinion in the business, that he made no bones of making offer, and taking upon him to decide it, how difficult soever it might happen to be, to the full contentment and satisfaction of both parties.  It is written, Qui non laborat non manducat; and the said gl. ff. de damn. infect. l. quamvis, and Currere plus que le pas vetulam compellit egestas. gloss. ff. de lib. agnosc. l. si quis. pro qua facit. l. si plures. c. de cond. incert.  But so hugely great was his misfortune in this his undertaking, that he never composed any difference, how little soever you may imagine it might have been, but that, instead of reconciling the parties at odds, he did incense, irritate, and exasperate them to a higher point of dissension and enmity than ever they were at before.  Your worships know, I doubt not, that,

  Sermo datur cunctis, animi sapientia paucis.

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